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Destination: Flat Rock Archives and New Black Wall Street Market

Black History Month
Flat Rock Archives
Arabia Mountain Heritage Site
New Black Wall Street Market


New Black Wall Street Market and Flat Rock Archives are a true legacy realized. T.A. Bryant, Sr. wanted to save his community and build a legacy for not only his family but a neighborhood. The story of Flat Rock which is part of Arabia Mountain Heritage Area, continues to inspire us today. His home built in 1917 is now a part of the Flat Rock Archives, located in the City of Stonecrest, Georgia, the family home offers visitors a chance to see the successes of the family and community.  When visiting the home, a tour of the grounds includes a barn and inside you’ll find photos, artifacts, documents and original furnishings.


Flat Rock Archives is located in the Arabia Mountain National Heritage Area (AMNHA) which consist of  historic and recreational experiences.  Lyon farm is one of the historic sites highlighting farm life in the 1800’s and it is also the place where many of the enslaved ancestors of the Bryant family would have worked.  The Lyon house is the oldest stand-in historical house in DeKalb Country.


The Flat Rock Cemetery is the burial area of many enslaved and native people.  When visiting the Flat Rock Archives tourists can also visit the cemetery.


Visit Flat Rock Archives –
Request Appointment.  Or call (770) 885-8330 to reserve a time.
Adults: $10.00 (this is only for the Archive tour)
Children under 12: $7.00 (archive tour only)Group Rates: (10+) Reservation and Deposit Required
Contact Us Here or call for details.


The New Black Wall Street Market

A true sign of a community with business legacy which continues into the present day, is the New Black Wall Street located just a few miles from the Flat Rock Archives area.  An initiative to create opportunities for Black businesses to have a chance to succeed by having a location marketed to buyers interested in their products.  And, a very important part of the initiative is the assistance in helping businesses succeed with classes and program in business development.

Come for a visit and be amazed.
T.A. Bryant, Sr. home and the Flat Rock Archives
T.A. Bryant

Johnny Waits – Director of Flat Rock Archives and family member, points out family members and community members in photos.

Johnny Waits give Annita a tour of the Flat Rock Archives Historic Cemetery
A view overlooking the cemetery where enslaved and native people are buried.
Family artifacts preserved through the years.
A visit to Lyon Farm give you a view into the farm life of the Lyon family and those who were enslaved.
Lyon farm house
Basement of the Lyon house where enslaved workers lived. The wall are made of thick stones.

Photos of New Black Wall Street Market





Black History Month is just one time to celebrate the accomplishments of many; listen to this show episode where Annita talks about the origin of Black History Month and how it is celebrated in other countries.
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