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Destination: Great Photography Tips and Culinary Delights

Great Photography Tips
Culinary Delights

Great photography tips help make our photographs tell a story. A good photo can take you to a place where you learn about people, cultures and how others celebrate the special occasions in their lives. We can learn a lot about other people and places through photography. I’ve always been an admirer of photographers who can capture something special in a setting. You’ve probably experienced it too; somehow, one photo captures the feelings and mood of the moment and tells a story creating an understanding or knowledge about the subject of the picture. 

Great Photography tips culinary delightsPhotography is something special, and knowing how great photographers get good at their craft can help us take better photos. I asked my friend and travel photographer Eric Lindberg to join me on the show. He specializes in photographing and writing about adventure travel, domestic and world cultures, wildlife, and wild places. He loves photographing rail journeys, wilderness river expeditions, American road trips, and urban cultural hotspots. He’s everywhere capturing the action. He is a two-time recipient of the SATW Photographer of the Year award. He has received one of the top three Photographer of the Year awards for nine of the last 12 years.


Young chefs are taking their city to the top of the list for Food and wine. When you think of local cuisines, some places come to mind as food destinations. I took a trip to Macon for their recent Food and Wine event. The festival was a great experience to crawl the downtown restaurants, tasting and sampling the signature dishes made especially for the weekend. Young chefs feature their specialties all year, so there is time to try their menu and let the Macon culinary scene become one of your favorites.

Great photography tips culinary delightsChef Ryan Smith

I sat down with Chef Ryan Smith – the owner of Lazy Susan Tapas Bar, and talked about his restaurant, the Food and wine event, and how they bring farms, restaurants, and hungry tourists together for a delicious meal. 

Check it out, and while you’re in Macon, is a lot to see and do.

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