Destination: I Travel Because – May 25, 2019

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I Travel Because –
Doc Bill and Marjorie Share Their Stories

I Travel Because!  How would you finish this statement.  Do you travel to learn more about historic events, or to experience other cultures or to explore the great outdoors.  There are so many reasons to travel and each person has their own special reasons.

Travel Bags With Annita & Friends starts a new series to explore why people travel and we ask our friends to share their reasons and to finish the statement, “I travel because ______!”

Come along with us for the next couple of shows as we explore travel as we think deeply about why human beings love to travel.

On this show, Doc Bill and Marjorie Roberts share their response to “I travel because _____!”

I travel because

Doc Bill taking photographs at his favorite destination – Hawaii







I travel because

Marjorie Roberts shares her perspective on why people travel and her favorite destinations.








Listen below – click the playlist


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