Destination: Just Got Back – St. Kitts and Nevis – Sister Islands – July 18, 2015

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St. Kitts and Nevis… two beautiful islands in the Caribbean. They are actually sister islands. St. Kitts has an interesting history. Christopher Columbus first spotted it in 1493. But it wasn’t colonized until 1623. Columbus sailed right by it. Today, no one is passing it by. With tranquil breezes and turquoise waters, you’re stopping by for a long visit.

 Because of a great position – really a strategic location for the very valuable and highly prized sugar trade it was the location for sugar production and cane plantations. Did you know that Columbus named the island St. Christopher – there is some debate as to whether it as named after him or because he thought the shape of the island resembled St. Christopher carrying the Christ child on his shoulder. Looking at the shape of the island… I would say that’s also a bit debatable too. But either way the island was later affectionately nicknamed St. Kitts…. Which still stand today.

We have so many more fun facts and delightful tips about visiting the sister islands.  If you missed the show – no problem, here it is ready to explore. Or maybe you want to hear it again and relive the exquisiteness! (Yes, that a word and a feeling once you experience this Caribbean delight!)

      1. 7-18-15-1-St-Kitts

Segment One – Remembering my Pan Am days and St. Kitts & Nevis trivia

      2. 7-11-15-2-St-Kitts

Segment Two – Points of interest on St. Kitts

      3. 7-18-15-3-St-Kitts

Segment Three – Things to do, when to go, travel tips for the islands

      4. 7-11-15-4-St-Kitts

Segment Four – How to get there, where to stay and top ten things to do


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