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Destination: Luxury Experience on Scenic Eclipse Discovery Yacht

Luxury Experience on
Scenic Eclipse Discovery Yacht 

Now is the perfect time to say ahoy and set sail on the deep blue sea. I recently had a chance to sail along the sea of Cortez on Scenic Eclipse, a discovery yacht with amazing ways to explore your destination.  An above the sea or below the sea experience when you sail with Scenic Eclipse; helicopter rides or submarine explorations. Either one means you’re discovering your destination from a completely unique point-of-vice. Sailing along the Sea of Cortez was an amazing destination with pristine islands to capture the beauty of nature. Each island has only wildlife and vegetation. The opportunity to explore these undeveloped islands with visits to the beach and hikes along their sandy trails, was an adventure, but also very relaxing. 

Many of you may know Scenic for their river cruises, however their ocean discovery yacht offers the grandest of sea experiences. 

I talk with some of the crew and representatives about the experience you can have onboard – below and above sea.  Lauren with Scenic USA to tell us all about scenic, starting with how they’re river and ocean cruise itineraries. Later in the show Boris, who leads the discovery team tells us above the unique opportunities to see all the special features of your destinations and  Christina one of the helicopter pilots shares what its like to take off from the Eclipse and sore above the sea.

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Boris delivers the plans and tips for discovery time at our destination.
Beautiful undeveloped islands
Spectacular sea life to observe
Watch the sunset from your balcony
Take off on an above the sea adventure
Delicious cuisine onboard for breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between treats
Creative cuisine specialties


A top destination for birdwatchers
Go below the sea for an adventure in a submarine


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