Destination: Hawaii – Oh, yeah! May 21, 2016

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Doc Bill and I had a fabulous time in Hawaii on the island of Oahu.  We had such a fun getaway that we had vacation blues when we returned.  We so wanted to go back and stay a “lot” longer.

Why… here’s why.  If you missed the show, here are all the details of our visit to the Honolulu Fish Auction and an interview with Glen and Debbi Weinberg, owners of the Obama’s favorite vacation home.  And, most of all – the details of our stay in the Winter White House.  You’ll pack your bags after listening to this show.


      1. 5-21-16-1-Hawaii

Hawaii – a bit of history and overview

      2. Hawaii-2-2

Dr. Jon Kaneko – the Honolulu Fish Action

      3. 5-21-16-3-Hawaii

Conversation with Glen and Debbi Weinberg  –  owners of the Obama’s vacation spot aka – the Winter White House

      4. 5-21-16-4-Hawaii

Travel tips for keeping your things secure


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