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Destination: Summer Vacation Ideas – Lake Blackshear and Quarter Miles Travel

Destination – Summer Vacation Destinations
Lake Blackshear

Where are you planning to travel?  Do you have some place in mind?  Are you thinking of destinations near by or off in the wild blue yonder? 

For some of us, we have been staying close to home and now that we’re ready to get back out and about, we are wondering how things are. What requirements and mandates may be in place. How can we easily plan for vacations without feeling that we are more stressed planning to getaway, than we are with work and day-to-day life. 

Today I have asked two of my friends to share tips and information to get us going.  Dayvee Sutton, Host of Go Explore and Heath Carter with Corel Management and Lake Blackshear share tips and destinations so we can say our getaways  are BOOKED!!

Later in the show I share two segments from my podcast Quarter Miles Travel. Both have excellent ideas of destinations to visit and learn.

I start with my conversation with Dayvee Sutton. I asked her get help us get back on track, selecting and planning a vacation getaway. 

Check out Lake Blackshear’s website – 

Listen to the full episode of Quarter Miles Travel  –


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