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Destination: Summer Vacation Tour Ideas

Summer Vacation Tour Ideas


Now is the perfect time to start planning summer vacations. After two years of limited travel, we’re all ready to have meaningful experiences when we travel. If the pandemic taught us anything, we learned the value of connecting. From family and friends, to cultures and traditions to cuisines and all the things that make us who we are.  That’s what we want to experience.

Finding those connections is easy to do by getting out in the world. Putting down those glossy travel brochures and turning off the TV so we can get out and have our own experiences.

I recently had a chance to talk with the owners of two tour companies. One in New York City where the owner specializes in bringing to light the little known facts and stories of people who call the city home; especially those who have been marginalized. Stacey Toussaint is the founder and owner of Inside Out Tours. She stepped away from her career as a lawyer to start a tour company with more detailed facts and stories to learn and understand about the Big Apple. Her tours are busy, so book early and get ready to learn even more about New York. It’s an opportunity to learn more about the things you thought you already knew.

I joined the Inside Out Tours Statue of Liberty – Ellis Island tour. My tour guide Katherine, shares the story of our iconic statue on my radio show. The list of details about the Statue of Liberty was long and she made it entertaining and fun.

There are many great destinations around the globe offering authentic, cultural experiences and we are ready to find them, have a unique experience and come home feeling a sense of fulfillment. Local guides are essential to creating immersive experiences and Classic Journeys offers curated experiences in fascinating destinations.  Their small group tours allow you to engage with the local traditions, cuisine and day-to-day activities all while having an experiences that will stay with you forever. All tours are lead by local guides who can open each encounter to a full experience.  Edward and Susie, owners of Classic Journeys share what makes their tours the perfect choice for summer vacation or anytime during the year.

The San Juan Islands in Washington State are filled with wonder and awe! From the ferry ride over to the deep green forest, the islands are an adventurer’s playground. There are  easy hikes and paddle boat rides, or set-your-sights on whale watching and more extreme adventures; there is something for everyone. You are immersed in nature from start to finish while exploring the three most populated islands – San Juan (Friday Harbor), Orcas and Lopez. Plan for this awe-inspiring trip and get ready for one of your most memorable vacations. Take a look at the San Juan Islands website and start planning now.

Thanks for listening to me today.  Let me know where you’re hading this summer.

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Are you taking your dog along with you this summer?  Here are some dog travel tips to make it a fun adventure for everyone.

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