Destination: Travel Protection and Wellness

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Travel Protection and Wellness

travel protection and wellness

Travel protection and wellness means you’ll have a getaway filled with fun and less stress. Travel is back and there’s no stopping it. We may have put a pause on travel in 2020, but today, Americans are making up for lost time with 61% of us planning a trip more than 100 miles from home. With our minds on lost time and missing that feeling of getting away to some place we dreamed of for years, there is no place for mishaps to spoil the fun.

Travel numbers are up higher than pre-pandemic which could mean delays, the need for early planning, taking the precautions to handle snafus and staying healthy, and fit for the travel routine. I just got back from a couple of weeks of non-stop travel and the airports are super busy, tours are packed and you need to plan early; even the state and national parks require a scheduled time slots. 

Travel protection and wellness is so important now. What’s going on? Well as a travel geek, I will always go to the source.  I asked my friends at Allianz Travel Insurance to fill us in on the travel stats and how travel insurance will help us protect our travel investment.   Daniel Durazo, Director of External Communications gives us the details of travel 2023 and how travel insurance can protect your travel investment.  

Staying healthy while traveling is vital to not only a successful trip but our overall health too.  There are ways to have fun and keep wellness on your itinerary too. Travel is forecasted to surpass the 2019 stats; that’s before 2020 COVID pandemic. My thought is we realize the importance to doing those things we have dreamed of and no more waiting, it’s time to go. A wellness routine keeps us travel ready and healthy year round.  

Over the last year I have used Spectra Sprays to help me stay on top of my game when traveling.  Spectra Sprays are an easy, quick way to take my vitamins in a spray.  My friend Janet Ryan, owner of Spectra Spray and I had a chance to chat about all the amazing benefits of using their line of travel sprays – where travel meets wellness.  She shares what makes the sprays your perfect way to stay healthy while traveling. 

Travel protection and wellness is vital to a successful, fun and memorable vacation.  Here are the websites to make sure you have travel protection and wellness.

Check out the website – and use discount code lovetravel for 25% off. Hurry, the discount code is valid to July 31st.

My latest cruise on Windstar was filled with all the fun I could possibly have. I didn’t worry about unforeseen situations, popping up because my travel buddy was there taking care of the worry.  My travel buddy is Allianz Travel Insurance.  They’re with me on every trip. And, they can be your travel buddy too, on every trip. I have the annual coverage which works perfectly for my frequent trips.

Travel protection is more important for ensuring you keep all the fun and less worry in your getaway.  Visit their website for your best option.



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