Destination: Viking Age – Myths, Truth and Little Known Facts – Part 2

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Destination: Viking Age–
Myths, Truth and Little Known Facts
Part 2

vikings myths truth and little known facts

Vikings Age – Myths, Truth and little-known facts.  I’m back with more information. While touring Sweden and the Viking Trail, I talked with many Viking period experts. Their stories, historical data, and artifacts they share sure did help to burst the myths and find the truth and little-known facts. I hope you listened to part one of Vikings to get the first part of the story. However, you don’t necessarily have to listen to them in order. On my last show, I share information about the fascinating Viking age and how our impressions from TV and movies have shaped the world’s perceptions about the Scandinavian people. 

Viking Age myth, truth and little known facts were top of my list to learn about. Visit Sweden invited me to come and take a personal journey along the cities and areas where we were instrumental in building this area and how the Vikings hold a strong legacy in the area. 

I learned so much during my visit that I couldn’t fit it all into one show. For part two, I’d love to start by exploring who the Vikings were and how they lived their day-to-day lives. I begin by asking the historian Hans where the name Viking originated. I also explore women’s role during the Viking Age in this show. 

You will find Rune Stones located throughout the Scandinavian area. They help to make the Viking Age a not-so-mysterious period in history. Historians and archeologists know we can time travel when we find extraordinary information we can interpret to tell us many details about the lives of those whom we call Vikings.  

Those details are discovered in the graves and burial areas where the Vikings lived, worked, traded in their homeland. During my visit to Sweden, I learned new information about Vikings, dispelling the myths and finding the truth and little-known facts. 

And remember to let me know all about your time in Sweden.

Here’s your link to part one.

Take a stroll through the Viking trail with the photos below.


Tour guide Johnathan shares details about the rune stones. Also, notice his attire. He is wearing the typical dress and accessories of men during the Viking age

viking age

Viking Age

Details of the Rune stones are explained. The lettering and symbols tell the story of the person being honored.

viking Age

Take a close up look of Johnathan, attire and also hair for an idea of Viking age dressing. Sunglasses excluded.

viking Age

Women’s attire included beads which would also denote wealth.

Viking Age

viking myths truths and little known facts

The Gamla Uppsala Museum is filled with Viking Age history, artifacts and information.

Gamla Uppsala Museum

vikings myths truth and little known facts

Typical Viking Age meal

Farm animals were important part of day-to-day life.

A visit to the Viking Museum in Stockholm. Filled with history and exhibits to tell the truth and dispel the myths about Vikings. You also may have a chance to take a photo with Vikings. If so, put on your mean-mug (mean face).

Viking museum – I came upon a Viking who obviously felt I would be a good person to lean on. Could I have been a Viking? I think he’d say yes.

More Viking friendships are made during our visit to the Viking Museum and a very hearty and festive dinner.


Birka Island

A visit to the island’s museum and a walk among the grounds to see rune stones and burial areas.

We also learned about a Viking woman, who is incidentally an ancestor of our guide.  She told us her DNA can be traced back to the Viking woman.

Living history museum

Must see museums in Stockholm

Vasa Museum

Spirit Museum

The little red horse…known as the Dalecarlian horse or Dala horse is a traditional carved, painted wooden statue of a horse originating in the Swedish. It is the perfect souvenir to take home to remember your time in Sweden.


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