Episode 34: U.S. Mint State Quarters Inspire The Start of Quarter Miles Travel

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U.S. Mint State Quarters Inspire
The Start of Quarter Miles Travel

u.s. mint state quarters

Photo – U.S. Mint

U.S. Mint State Quarters are the inspiration! It all started with Travel With Annita back when we were Travel Bags With Annita.  Each year a new theme is selected for programing as a way to keep content interesting, fresh and new.

Inspired by the U.S. Mint State Quarters, Quarter Miles Travel was born out of a desire to focus on travel around the US, inspired by the designs on the reverse side (back) of the U.S. Mint State Quarters.  Our first quarter was the Georgia design, featuring the peach. We were amazed from our research the information we found to feature about Georgia, our home state. Information that neither Olivia or myself was aware of. This energized us even more to find more information – about things we thought we already knew. From there, we started featuring a quarter or two each show. The fourth segment of the show became, the “fourth quarter” where the U.S. Mint State Quarters designs were researched for information to tell the stories of the designs and why each state would select them.

Olivia Varnson was by my side researching and recording the show. We also sailed on the Victory Chimes sailboat which is featured on the reverse side of the Maine quarter. The U.S. Mint State Quarters feature historic places, people, wildlife all things you can travel to visit and learn more.

Take a listen to the start of this fascinating podcast highlighting all the makes America a great place to visit and tour. The U.S. Mint State Quarters program was followed by The America The Beautiful Commemorative Quarters and the American Women Program, which is being released now.

Here’s a link to start listening and find your favorite. You’ll see how a U.S. Mint State Quarter can inspire travel around this beautiful country.

For more information about the U.S. Mint State and Commemorative Quarters, visit their website – USMint.gov


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