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Higher Fees?

DSC_2473Could it be to get an airline seat… Fees are increasing again?  United  just announced an increase in their fees when changing your ticket.  This increases the fee from $150 to $200 when traveling domestic.  This also applies to trips between USA and Canada – where this change took place on April 18.

Flying international to destinations in South America?  The fee is now $300 an increase of $50 from the previous fee of $250.   Ticket change fees for flights to and from Europe and Asia remain the same as of right now.  But, a change may follow for those routings too.

Delta, US Airways and American change fees remain at $150 for nonrefundable tickets.  Southwest continues to be “fee free”.

Keep a watch on fees with the airlines by periodically visiting  A great source that we visit often.

A few tips too!

  • Ensure the date and time you would like to travel are confirmed and not likely to change.  When you book your air travel and need to change because of unforeseen changes that is when the fees start.  Double checking your schedule and the schedules of your travel mates helps keep this under control.
  • You arrive to the airport two hours before your flight and  there is a flight leaving in 20 minutes.  Oh… why not switch and go early.  Check with the agent, but most likely you will have to pay the change fee.
  • Leave home with enough time to make your flight.  This includes allowing time to check-in, go through security and walk to you departure gate.
  • Transiting airports!  A three hour transit sounds like enough time to grab a bite to eat, relax and wait for your connecting flight…. and it is.  But make sure you know where your departing gate is located before relaxing and enjoying your transit time.  Many airports have multiple concourses, may require a shuttle to go between concourses or require a lengthy walk between gates.   Before settling down for a break between flights, check-out where you are and where you need to be for your connecting flight.  If you miss your flight, there could be a change fee to reschedule for the next available flight.

Wishing you….Safe and fee free travels.


Source:  USA Today

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