Holiday Snowflake Cake

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Hi!  It’s Annita. I’m taking over Let’s Grub With Doc Bill to share a very special Holiday Snowflake Cake. Baking is a holiday tradition that makes family gatherings special. The air infused with the aroma of cakes, cookies, pies and delicious bread baking in the oven, decorated and served to the dinner table; a holiday tradition for sure!

This year I’m making a cake that is sure to bring smiles not only because it taste so yummy, but it’s beautiful too! I must admit I’m not a seasoned baker – at all – and I need a very easy recipe. The Holiday Snowflake Cake is so simple and quick too!  It only takes 15 minutes to prepare and an hour to cook! You can impress your family and friends with no kitchen stress.

A good friend shared the recipe with me – she is an excellent baker! It is one that her mother likes and you’ll see why. It is from the website of the Pioneer Woman.  You may know her from the Food Network and various other projects. Here’s her website,  if you would like to check it out:

I’m so excited to share my success with making this delicious cake. Let’s get started – drum roll, please …..

The Holiday Snowflake Cake





Three cups of sugar



Three sticks of room temperature butter



Five room temperature eggs!



Three level cups of all-purpose flour



Butter flavoring and Lemon Extract!




Yes, 7-Up. It’s your “baking” soda for the cake! Clever right! Sprite and Mountain Dew work just fine too!



Great themed cake pans by Nordic Ware. Snowflake is a definite favorite!



Inside view – all the details that make this cake a show-stopper!


Let’s start mixing – it takes about 15 minutes

Holiday Snowflake Cake


Add the three sticks of butter to your mixing bowl



Mix, mix, mix until creamy and fluffy. I had to scrape the side a little to get all the butter mixed well.



Add the sugar one cup at a time. Mix for 10 seconds after you add each cup.



Now it’s time to add your eggs one at a time. Mix after you add each egg. And, I was instructed not to crack the eggs over the mixture. (Remember I’m a newbie!)



The mixture is becoming smooth and creamy! Yummy. You may be tempted to taste a little. I love cake batter and cookie dough. But, wait! After all the ingredients are added, it gets even better.



Add a teaspoon of butter flavoring and two teaspoons of lemon extract flavoring.



Add the flour one cup at a time and mix for about 10 seconds after adding.



After mixing all of the flour, I scraped the sides to make sure all of the yummy goodness blends well.



Now it’s time to add the special ingredient. 7-Up or a lemon-lime soda substitute. Pour in a cup of 7-up with the mixer on low. 



Mix and mix until the batter is smooth and creamy. Give the sides another scrape for good measure and to make sure you don’t miss any good, sweet dough – because, now you can give it a taste.



Spray, spray, spray and spray again! With all of the intricate bits and pieces of this pan, you’ll want it to pop right out. Use a spray oil with flour. Here’s my favorite.



Add the batter to the pan – make sure you get even amounts in the corners and points. You’ll thank me later for reminding you. Snowflakes need their points!




Now your pan is filled, and all corners checked! Jiggle it a little to make sure it’s even. You’ll want a perfect snowflake. Pre-heat oven to 325 degrees. Set your timer for an hour. After the buzzer, the cake should be golden brown and firm in the pan  – no wiggles and shifting. 




Flip the pan over onto a plate to cool. It should pop right out.   Yum, a snowflake! The cake has a crispy outside and soft inside. Now one more thing to add….



Add a dusting of powder sugar and  – Snowflake perfection! Now it’s ready to serve. But, first let everyone oooh and awwww a bit while you make coffee. What a show stopper and a crowd pleaser. Perfectly sectioned, you can cut it into 12 pieces and serve. Enjoy!

Here’s a grocery list:
Three sticks of butter
Five eggs
Three cups of all-purpose flour
Three cups of sugar
One teaspoon of butter flavoring
Two teaspoons of lemon extract flavoring
1 cup of 7-up, Sprite or Lemon-Lime Soda

Now’s a good time to head over to the store, pick-up the ingredients and have the star of your dinner table ready for dinner.

Enjoy and leave us a comment letting us know what you think!





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