Inflation And Travel 2022 – 2023 – Tips to keep us going

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Inflation and Travel 2022 – 2023
Tips to keep us going

Inflation and travel 2022 – 2023 – what’s on the scoreboard for vacations during the second half of the year? The desire to travel doesn’t stop because of high fuel costs, inflation, or recession. A rollercoaster economy means inflation is rising faster than incomes are and will quickly increase debt, require the use of hard-earned savings or result in a significant cut back in spending. The likely impact on spending means travelers will scrutinize getaway choices more carefully. And in the second half of 2022, travel brands will work toward ensuring high customer service standards while managing costs associated with doing business.

Here are ten ways to get your travel groove and not break the bank.

  • Join loyalty programs
    This one tip is always my number one suggestion. The amenities and upgrades you receive by being a member will boost your experience. Hotels will offer room upgrades, invites to their VIP floors where refreshments are offered, free wifi, and discounts only offered to their members. Airline programs can provide upgrades to a higher class of service, priority boarding, and coupons for complimentary onboard amenities. 

    Most brands have loyalty programs, and it is free to register. Build up your points or miles and sit back while the dividends roll in.

  • Limo service vs. Uber/Lyft and taxis
    This is one tip that may sound unbelievable at first. The Uber and Lyft experience has become popular and second nature for many travelers. However, checking with car/Limo services may get you a better deal, especially when traveling with family or friends. Ask the concierge at your hotel about their car service to the airport. You may be surprised to see the fare is cheaper and the experience more comfortable than Uber or Lyft. I recently hired the hotel’s car service for $60 from downtown Manhattan to La Guardia airport vs. paying $80 for Uber. Insider tip – the day before you need to depart, take a minute for a quick Uber fare check. If it is higher than the hotel car service, reserve the car service. If you wait until the day of departure, a car may not be available.

Hacienda Del Mar – Cabo

  • Look for deals at 5-stars resort and hotels.
    Concerns about the rising costs of travel are not only a concern for travelers; hospitality brands are keeping an eye on the ever-changing economy. Check for special deals and discounts offered by brands focused on keeping their business steady as the costs of travel increase. Online sites like Expedia, Kayak, Skyscanner, and Orbitz for air, transportation, and accommodations are great sources for finding deals.

  • Use your rewards
    When planning your next getaway, don’t forget your rewards points and miles. A quick check, and you may find points to use for hotel stays, airfare, and things like travel gear and groceries.

Inflation and travel 2022-2023

  • GasBuddy app 
    Gas Buddy helps you save on gas by finding stations in real-time as you travel. This app has become very popular as gas prices rise and fall over the last couple of years. It is the perfect app for a road trip and will help you stay within your gas and fuel budget 

  • Tripit app
    Organize your travel to save time, frustration, and money. It’s simple to use, and you’ll have everything in one place. Email all of your confirmations for air, accommodations, tours, restaurants, etc., to Tripit, and it automatically creates an itinerary. All the details of your trip are at your fingertips. This helps you avoid rebooking lost or misplaced confirmations.

inflation and travel 2022-2023

  • RV Share 
     The high cost of purchasing airline tickets has made RV travel a popular way to say yes to vacations. Road trips with an RV mean not only savings on airfare but accommodations too. There is no need for the cost of purchasing an RV to keep you from hitting the road. RV Share lets you rent an RV from local owners. It’s very similar to short-term rentals of homes and condos. RVshare is the largest online community for RV Renters and Owners. No Booking Fees! Private Owners! It’s the perfect way to bring the whole family and save. Rent an RV, and you’re on your way!

  • Trail Wallet app
    Stay on top of your budget by knowing what you’re spending. This travel app will help you keep up with your budget and what you’re spending in several currencies. Yes, it can act as a currency convert too and keep you within budget without guessing or stopping to calculate what you’re spending. Add your expenses – hotel, food, transportation, tours, souvenirs, all of the big and little money items in one place for you to keep a keen eye on what you’re spending. Insider Tip – there is a small one-time fee of $4.99 to sign up; skip this cost by using the trial version to see if it works for your travel style. The trial version is limited but will allow you to check it out before purchasing.

Online Video Manners

  • Zoom and What’s App
    Staying in touch with family and friends while traveling does not have to be a challenge. Cell service has become commonplace, and we don’t think about the cost of calling home. But, if you’re traveling to international destinations, the price of calling home can be high. Set up a free Zoom account before leaving home and use the wifi at your accommodation to check in with family and friends.WhatsApp will give you fast, simple, secure messaging and calling for free. Sign up, and you can easily stay in touch. It is available on phones all over the world. However, contact your cell provider before leaving and ask if data charges will apply. If the answer is yes, it is still less expensive than the high rates of roaming and using your cell to call home.

  • Urbanspoon app no more – now what!
    Urbanspoon is still one of the apps everyone looks to use, and I am often asked about it. However, after it was discontinued, many others stepped in to take its place. OpenTable is the one I use for finding what’s trending with local restaurants, making reservations, and checking out menu costs. You’ll also find restaurants offering delivery and pick-ups too.

inflation and travel 2022-2023

  • Savely app 
    Plan and customize your upcoming trip to fit within your budget and style. From the number of travelers to hotel ratings, your customized trip is easy to plan with Savely. Create a getaway, and this app will tell you how much you need to save and plan for your upcoming trip. Once your itinerary is prepared, you can share the details with your travel buddy. 

Traveling with friends? This article has great pointers to help you make it through the trip and remain friends.



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