Kontiki Wayra Expeditions – Ecuador’s Luxurious Yacht Experience

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Kontiki Wayra Expeditions:
Ecuador’s Luxurious Yacht Experience 

Kontiki Wayra Expeditions Ecuador

Neo-luxury meets adventure aboard the M/Y Kontiki Wayra Expeditions, a new lavish boutique yacht that provides the unique opportunity to explore Ecuador up close and personal. Sailing along the country’s lesser-traveled coastline, M/Y Kontiki Wayra offers opulent accommodations, superior amenities, and immersive excursions that feature natural and cultural experiences. With an emphasis on sustainable travel, modern luxury, and authentic experiences, the M/Y Kontiki Wayra makes for a truly unforgettable vacation.

Luxurious Ship Amenities

Kontiki Wayra Expeditions Ecuador

Originally built to serve as a scuba diving vessel, the M/Y Kontiki Wayra was transformed into a lavish expedition yacht in 2022 by local owner Carlos Nuñez. Measuring 128 feet in length, the boat is home to nine luxury staterooms and can accommodate up to 18 guests. Each room offers incredible panoramic views of the ocean, as well as walk-in showers, contemporary decor, high-speed internet, and lush bedding.

During each expedition, guests aboard the M/Y Kontiki Wayra have full access to the yacht’s communal spaces, which include two outdoor lounges, a sundeck, a jacuzzi, a spa, a bar, a gym, and a fitness area. There is also a salon where guests can enjoy complimentary gourmet meals prepared by local on-board chefs. In addition to this, guests have the opportunity to utilize a variety of water sports equipment, such as kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling gear. 

Unforgettable Ecuadorian Experiences

Kontiki Wayra Expeditions Ecuador

Since setting out on its maiden voyage in March of 2022, the M/Y Kontiki Wayra has continuously offered guests the opportunity to explore Ecuador off the beaten path. Beginning in the port city of Manta, where the company’s owner resides, the yacht typically travels south, stopping near several coastal towns and islands. Some common ports of call include Isla de la Plata, Puerto López, Bahía de Caráquez, Valdivia, and San Mateo. While many guests choose to partake in the yacht’s preplanned eight-day expedition, it’s also possible to charter the entire boat and tailor its destinations to meet your own needs. 

Regardless of your itinerary, you will have the chance to explore on land and at sea, partaking in various immersive and authentic experiences. While exact offerings may vary, some common excursions include whale-watching, scuba diving, snorkeling, rainforest trekking, and fishing. There are also opportunities to interact directly with the local community to learn more about their way of life. From purification rituals to cultural demonstrations, cooking classes, dance lessons, and hat weaving, there are plenty of ways to experience traditional Ecuadorian culture while traveling abroad the M/Y Kontiki Wayra.

Add On: Link Experiences 

Kontiki Wayra Expeditions Ecuador

Visit the equator for a distinctive balancing act between North and South.

If that isn’t enough for you, and you’d like to continue your adventures beyond the yacht, there are many opportunities to experience Ecuador from land. One exceptionally tour group, Link Experiences, offers a variety of excursions throughout Ecuador. Some popular tours with them include tours of the capital city, Quito and a visit to the equator. The Quito Colonial Tour is an excellent option if you’re flying through Quito on your way to or from M/Y Kontiki Wayra Expeditions. This tour takes you around the historical center of the city, which is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, and provides fascinating insights on the area’s history. Kontiki Wayra Expeditions Ecuador Alternatively, you could consider joining the Middle of the World Tour. This tour takes guests to the Middle of the World monument, which is the official center of the world, according to scientific calculations.


Tips for the M/Y Kontiki Wayra Expeditions

As you plan your trip to Ecuador abroad M/Y Kontiki Wayra, you’ll want to keep these tips in mind!

Suggested Packing List 

Essential yacht attire includes shorts, tank tops, bathing suits, hats, sunblock, and a light sweater or jacket – it gets quite windy at sea! For excursions, you’ll also want walking shoes, insect repellent, and comfortable hiking clothes.

For those traveling through Quito, you’ll need to pack some additional cold-weather attire. The city is located in the highlands and is much colder than the coast. 

Financial Considerations

All expeditions with M/Y Kontiki Wayra include the following: accommodations, meals, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, local transfers, English guides, access to parks and nature preserves, as well as water sports equipment.

You can expect to pay additional fees for the following: alcoholic beverages, spa treatments, extra meals and transfers not specified in the program, personal expenses, and gratuities.


Service charges are not included in the fare and are optional for guests. If you wish to leave a gratuity, you may do so in cash or charge it to your credit card. Gratuities paid by card will be distributed evenly among the crew. While gratuities should be based on crew performance, the standard amount given for luxury expeditions is typically $300-$350 per week.

An expedition aboard the M/Y Kontiki Wayra is a unique and exciting way to see Ecuador. But more importantly, it’s an inclusive travel opportunity, one that caters to a variety of experiences – from adventure travel to cultural travel, black travel, luxury travel, and baby boomer travel, there truly is something for everyone here!


Photos of the #Above Sea Level Neo-Luxury Experience

Kontiki Wayra Expeditions Ecuador

Touring Quito with Link Experiences

Kontiki is the first water-based member of Small Luxury Hotels, offering immersive and sustainable super yacht expeditions.

Kontiki Wayra Expeditions Ecuador

Relax as the sunsets on the upper deck.

Kontiki Wayra Expeditions Ecuador


Kontiki Wayra Expeditions Ecuador

Sustainable decor throughout the yacht is sourced from local artists

Kontiki Wayra Expeditions Ecuador

A window seat for all of your meals.

Kontiki Wayra Expeditions Ecuador

Cocktails to order

Kontiki Wayra Expeditions Ecuador

Executive Chef Richard shares the lunch menu.

Kontiki Wayra Expeditions Ecuador






Excursions start with naturalist and nature tour guide Raul

Local traditional pottery workshop


Local family with a long tradition creating Ecuadorian straw hats


Wildlife explorations



A sustainable local culinary school

Executive Chef Valentina




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