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How many times have you been trying to enjoy the beach or a day by the pool but you keep looking back at your stuff hidden under your towel?  You know if you can see the big hump under a beach blanket, so can others.  But, you don’t have another way to keep the things you need with you, safe and secure, without hiding them. I’ve also had this challenge when going to the gym or sporting events and concerts.  There are many times we are in a public area and need to secure our things.

A great solution is to put them on LockDown. I just found a travel gear product that can do just that. Lock down your things so only you have access to them.  Travelon has designed a flexible pouch called LockDown which not only travels well but is flexible for all the different things you may want to place inside.  Easily fill it with your cell phone, keys, small tablet, camera, wallet; or keep jewelry and money you leave in your room safely tucked away.


Pack in all the things you want to take along with you and keep them safe and secure.


The anti-theft fabric keeps thieves out because they can not cut through the SafeTex cut-proof strap and body material.  No need for them to try.  A box cutter or knife won’t get through.  And, the solid brass lock allows you to safely lock it attached to something stable which can not be moved;  A chair, golf cart steering wheel, motorcycle anything that’s immobile and can’t be yanked out of place.




The LockDown closes tightly and the lock it tough, no busting it.


You can keep valuables safe when on-the-go while staying in an AirBnB or vacation rental.  And, all hotels do not have a safe.  Take the LockDown with you and keep things secure while you’re out for the day or enjoying dinner with family and friends.

Anyone planning a boat trip or train ride?  It works there too.  Hospital rooms to keep things safe.  For the dorm room.  The list can go on and on.


The long strap with Safe Tex cut-proof strap can be connected to an immobile structures securely keeping everything safe.

But, now it’s time for you to check it out, order it and give it as a great gift.  And, don’t forget to get one for yourself.




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