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Road Trip! Make the trip your destination – you own the road trip! February 8, 2014

You can own your next road trip!
Did you miss any of our tips?  They’re all here.  Just click the links below to listen to each segment!


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Road Trips- Bud Hughes Car readiness


      2. 012514-2-Road-Trips

Road Trips Mark Jenkins – AAA Motor Club


      3. 012514-3-Road-Trips

Road Trips – Make it your destination


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Road Trips – Playlist & Trip suggestions



Destination:  Road Trip – Making the journey the destination! How to own your Road Trip! –  February 8, 2014

North Georgia’s News Talk AM 550 and FM 102.9 WDUN

From 2-3pm est

Listen live at:  WWW. …. also visit our archives for all of the shows from 2013!

DSC_0512Road Trip! Those two words bring to life a special kind of trip!  And, we’re getting you ready to hit the road.

Hitting the road is the catch phrase we use for traveling in all forms, derived from a time when all you could do was literally hit the road by foot or by car; and Saturday on Travel Bags With Annita, we are taking a step back from jet setting by plane or boat and exploring the excitement and adventure of the road trip.  We will learn from the experts how to make the journey our new destination.

After this show… you’ll own your Road Trip!  Off you go, ready to conquer the road.

budsgarage-taglogo-00001We have Bud Hughes from WDUN’s Bud’s Garage who will help you get your car ready for the trip, including everything from under the hood to tires!  You’ll be confident your car is road ready!


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATravel Bags With Annita always advocates planning for any trip you are about to take.  On Saturday, we partner with AAA Southeastern Auto Club to provide tips, steps and awesome advice on planning your trip from start to finish and in between!  Mark Jenkins is spokesman from AAA South.

And… no trip is fun unless you make the whole journey interactive, adventurous and exciting.  We’ve got that too.  Tips on how to make the road trip your destination.  Scheduled stops along the way, how to plan to make stops at historic sites you don’t want to miss, and trying eateries along your journey.  On the road will be so much fun, you’ll forget where you were heading and just enjoy the journey!

And, as we wrap up the show, we will have suggestions for great road trips and share some of our experiences having fun on our Road Trip!

Doc Bill and Nichole will join the fun in the studio!

Pack the car... it's a road trip!
Pack the car…. it’s a road trip!
Tire check before hitting the road.
Tire check before hitting the road.
Budget for the necessities.
Budget for the necessities.
Plan for fun, adventurous and interesting stops along the journey.
Plan for fun, adventurous and interesting stops along the journey.


We’re on Saturday, from 2-3pm on North Georgia’s News Talk  AM550 and FM 102.9 on WDUN!


Also… don’t forget those St. Lucia deals… we have some right here on the website.  That’s where we’ll keep ’em coming!


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