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Summer Fun in Bose Frames

Bose Frames Summer Fun Sunglasses

Travel Gear – Summer Fun in Bose Frames

Summer Fun in Bose Frames!  A great way to combine summer fun and your favorite audio.  Do you love listening to music while walking along the sea shore or maybe listening to your favorite podcast while sitting by the pool.  Summer fun comes in all shapes and fashions, and with Bose Frames you are definitely stylish and in fashion.  Plus you are protecting your eyes from the sun and enjoying a favorite playlist with an astonishing new audio experience with the built in speakers right into the frames.  No more buds in your ears or if you’re still in Ol’ School mode, no more wires connecting you to your sounds.

Ok.. let’s talk about the details of this amazing combo.

First let’s choose your favorite frames. I love the square Alto frame which is great for oval, heart and round shaped faces. This shape reminds me of movies like Men in Black or Blues Brothers; bringing that cool effect. I love it.

Summer Fun Bose Frames
Alto Frame – Annita’s favorite frame style and great for oval and round shaped faces.


Rondo Frame – great for square shape and diamond shaped faces.

You may wonder how is the audio quality of speakers in sunglass frames?  The answer is unbelievable audio clarity, tone and quality. The sound is rich and full, not washed out and drab. If your travel buddies are standing or sitting near by, they can have their own audio time without any overflow from your Bose Frames.

Comfort is another question and Bose thought of that.  We wear our sunglass all day and want frames which will not only look good but wear well too.  Designed to be lightweight and not heavy, the nylon rims are scratch-resistant and slightly transparent and the lens are shatter and scratch-resistant. The lens are ready for active travel fun.

While you’re cooling it by the pool or disembarking from your flight and ready to head out for fun in the sun, you don’t have to worry about eye protection vs. having great sound.  The lens are uniformly tinted with up to 99% of UVA/UVB rays blocked from reaching your eyes.

Bose doesn’t leave out the full experience of travel with your latest technology.  The Bose Frames have a built-in microphone allowing you to take and make calls on the go.  You can also use your Siri and Google Assistant with the integrated microphone.  How’s that for having it all.

Grab a pair for yourself or they make the perfect travel gear gift for anyone who is on the road year round.  Summer fun isn’t the only fun these sunglasses bring to life.  There is also winter, fall and spring sun and fun too.

Pick up a pair at your local Best Buy or shop online at –



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