The Doors of old Dubai

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Old Dubai, sits among the bustling new and developing modern Dubai, holding on to the foundation of not only a city, but a country’s history and culture.  On a recent walk through old Dubai I was struck by the beauty of the carved doors and started to wonder just how many historic stories could those doors tell.  Who passed through them?  Who lived and worked behind them?  What activities and festivals took place outside of them?  What moments of joy and pain have they witnessed?

Can a country hold onto its history through those things that have stood the test of time?  Things that appear to be functional, yet capture the essence of the craftsmen.  So many questions as I walked through old Dubai.  Those are questions that can be debated and argued but the beauty of the doors told me to stop the questions and enjoy the beauty.  A beauty that has held its own through the years, still standing tall and providing a glimpse into the history of a now changing, modern city.










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