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the gift of travel

Give the Gift of Travel! It’s the holiday season and the perfect time to celebrate the travelers on your list. There is something to fill everyone’s holiday with sparkling joy. From backpacks to puppy gear to comfy travel attire to smooth whiskey. You’ll be the best Santa ever this holiday season. 

We start with backpacks; many with eco-friendly properties.


Aleon Case

the gift of travel.This 16-inch, lightweight (only 3.5 lbs) backpack is built to GO! Here’s where cool meets function with Aleon Aluminum Backpack with a Nylon Hybrid system for travel gear ready to go; it’s protective and stylish. The aluminum helps keep everything secure and well-protected. Organize your things and carry it hands-free on your suitcase comfortably or on your back. Easily fit a 13 inch laptop or tablet into the padded sleeve and a change of clothes, and you’re ready to go.




the gift of travel

Pack your laptop and a few clothing items, and you’re “outta the door”. The Sangano EcoSmart Travel Backpack fits everything you’ll need for a weekend getaway. This 15.6-inch backpack is stylish and helps save the environment; it is made from GRS-certified recycled materials using nine recycled plastic bottles.




the gift of travel

The Anti-Theft Greenlander 21L Backpack is made with recycled materials that are GRS certified, ensuring they meet ISO standards and strict social and environmental requirements to ensure no chemicals are used. Its name – Greenlander, lets you know it’s all about sustainable production methods to help keep the environment clean. The Antitheft security system includes a slash-resistant mesh barrier on the front, sides, and bottom to protect valuables from prying hands. There is RFID blocking too! Pack with peace of mind.





the gift of travel

Is anyone looking to elevate their style? Here’s the backpack that will have everyone saying, “who’s that with the cool backpack?” The weatherproof backpack of 100% recycled 400D Nylon holds your 16″ laptop and all your items for a weekend getaway. With hidden pockets, your valuables are safe, and the roller bag strap gives you a hands-free stroll when packing for a more extended trip. Get ready, you’ll get the looks!





the gift of travel

Origins Large Backpack is made from sustainable materials with antibacterial properties, and it’s antitheft with four layers of protection from any attempt to slash your bag. Origins Large Backpack is the bag to take along with you for the style, sustainability, and antitheft and you’re sure to have a fun getaway. 








FUL Backpack 

the gift of travel

Here’s a backpack designed by two musicians who knew what was needed to take all their gear on the road. The Big Easy Water Resistant backpack is 17″ with several pockets for easy packing. The innovative design has a unique artistic style, featuring the latest technology, functionality, world-class, high-quality materials, and superior construction. Who were the musicians, you may ask? One of them, Justin Timberlake, became a partner and investor. Join the “in-crowd” with this cool backpack.




Honeydew Sleep Company 

the gift of travel

The Scrumptious Travel Pillow – well, with a name like scrumptious, it must be comfy. This pillow brings a new meaning to the name travel pillow; the unique shape helps you rest while traveling, and it is an easy fold-and-pack when it is time to store it. You will love it during transit as well as at your destination.  




Bon Voyage

the gift of travel

Memory Foam Square Pillow lets you ease your back during travel with memory foam, which will make you relaxed and ready to start your day’s activities.  








the gift of travel

Wool Underwear keeps you warm with 100% Merino Wool, lightweight and breathable in cold weather. It’s easy to wear as a layer, fitting snugly under pants and tops. The easy-care wool keeps you dry while allowing you to move freely while hiking, snowboarding, camping, or sightseeing. 

Available for men and women. 











Bon Voyage

the gift of travel

It’s a Carry & Go Blanket! Ease travel stress with this ultra-soft microfiber throw, and you’ll sleep the night away, ready for the next day. It’s breathable and packs easily for travel. Evenly distributed weight creates the best comfort when traveling, camping, and trips in the RV.





the gift of travel

With a mission to stop single-use plastic, Hydaway collapsible cups, tumblers, and bowls have conservation as their number one mission. Easy to pack, use, wash and store, there is no need to grab the plastic when heading out on a trip, for a hike, boating, camping, or any activity you have in mind. And the collapsable bowl is perfect for your fur baby’s time on the road too. It makes a great water bowl.

Cup – $14.95
Pint – $17.95
Bowl – $21.95
Backpack – $39.95




Get ready to upgrade your workout with the Level 3 Tank Top.  It is technically designed to offers the most bust support and adjustable straps along with a silicone waistband, keeps everything in place and comfortable.  The big surprise and great feature is the pocket closures, perfect for adventure travel where hiking, biking and running is on your itinerary.  It’s eco-friendly too – made from recycled polyester/spandex. The anti-microbial and moisture wicking keep you dry. It’s machine washable too. All the good things! And, Annita wore it as an under-layer on a recent trip to northern Canada to help her stay warm in sub-zero temperatures.





the gift of travel

Pack it tight and organized with three packing cubes designed to keep everything together in your bag. Packing cubes make storing things easier when you arrive at your destination. Take them out of the suitcase and into the closet or dresser. The World Travel Essentials Set of 3 Soft Packing Cubes is so good you’ll want two sets.





Duty Mitt

Bring Fido along for the trip and help them stay clean after a romp around the dog park. The Duty Mitt fits most sizes of hands, and it’s easy to slip on and wipe the day’s dirt and grime from your favorite fur baby. 




Pull Start Fire


Pull Start Fire is the best way to be a hit at the campfire. There’s no fire without a reliable starter, and this one has you enjoying the fire in one pull. No matches, lighters, or kindling needed, and it lights regardless of wind or rain. Sit back and enjoy the fire for up to 30 mins. 

Three pack – $19.99




Greenlander Bottle Holder – Staying hydrated is vital on the hiking trail or while biking. Keep your water container nearby in this handy container, which is insulated to help keep it cool. Hands-free is what you’re going for to keep your focus on the trail. 







Is there a Handcrafted Bar Soap and All Natural Deodorant good for your skin and is pleasant to smell? Humble beauty care products with fragrances like Mountain Lavender, Star Anise & Palmarosa, Moroccan Rose, and Frankincense, you’re sure to say, “I’ve found my favorites.” The products are handcrafted bars with exceptionally moisturizing plant-based whole oils, like shea butter and olive oil. They use organic, vegan, and non-GMO ingredients for a nourishing soap compatible with even the most sensitive skin.

Variety Pack – $18.98



Broken Top

Here’s a Natural Repellent Stick scented with Lemon Citronella to stop insect bites before they start. The fresh lemon smell combines notes of citronella made free of DEET, Gluten, Paragon, and Phthalates. Natural ingredients like sunflower oil, Coconut oil, and Beeswax make it safe for even the most sensitive skin types. So we can all – Say no to bugs!




Yay Novelty

Make sure your trip is organized with all the products you need for a road trip or jumping on an airplane. Yay Novelty has a list of great items to help keep you moving and not slowing down while traveling. 

The Lip Balm holder snaps onto your purse or backpack.

Swedish Dishcloths are easy to pack and use once you’re at your campsite.

Easy to pack Yaybags unfold and are ready to stuff with shopping or any extras you’re bringing along for the trip. Greetings cards are the best way to stay in touch and celebrate special occasions. For anyone on the road throughout the year, Yay Novelty has something to get you organized, keep you stress free and in style too. 

Prices vary



Cozy Earth

Ooohh…Bamboo Stretch Knit PajamasThey’re one of Oprah’s favorite things, so you know they had to make this list too. The Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajamas are a soft stretch-knit from bamboo-based viscose that’s both breathability and luxurious at the same time. The lightweight fabric helps you sleep cooler than cotton. Comfy for sleeping or lounging; either way, you’re sure to be the best dressed at home or while traveling. 

*Get 40% off with the link below
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Nearest Green Distillery 

Anyone bringing this bottle of Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Tennessee whiskey to dinner will surely be the hit of the party. There is a story behind this brand, which goes back to the 1850s when an enslaved man, Nearest Green, taught a young Jack Daniels how to distill Tennessee Whiskey. Today, Green’s descendants are making waves in the business with delicious blends – Uncle Nearest 1884 Small Batch Whiskey is our favorite. It’s the perfect gift to give and receive. 












Here’s the Cheese Tool Set gift to give and bring to the party too. You’ll be the favorite guests when you arrive with this as a hostess gift. This set has all you need to make wine and cheese the highlight of the evening. 




Wyu Bags

Celebrate Colombian culture with a Wyu Colombian Handwoven bag from the artisans and craftsmen/women in the Wyuu region of the country. The vibrant colors and puffy tassels catch your eye and create an interest to learn more about the people who make the bags. Their stories are not well known – here’s a way to share the culture and have a beautiful bag too.

Starting $49






Pack all your toiletries in one Toiletry Kit, and when you arrive, you unpack one bag, hang it, organize and you’re set-up for your stay. No need to fumble with multiple products in separate toiletry bags; this one is large enough to hold it all.




Smelly Proof 

Storage Bags for packing wet or dirty clothes just got easier. Smelly Proof bags are free of BPA, latex, and Phthalates. Polyethylene and nylon material makes them strong and unbreakable. They’re reusable, too – each bag helps keep hundreds of single-use bags out of oceans, waterways, and landfills. 

Various sizes
Starting – $6.99



Spectra spray


Travel-size health and self-care have never been more manageable. The Daily Defense Oral Spray Vitamin Kit with Multi and Immune sprays has vitamin D, B12, C, E, zinc, lysine and daily nutrients. It helps support energy levels, immune response and metabolic function while providing vitamins that are often deficient in diet alone. Stay well and resist illness by keeping their immune system on guard – for you and great as a gift.

There are also sprays for sleep and energy. The perfect size fits your pocket, bag, purse, or backpack. TSA doesn’t worry about this size – go anywhere, anytime with Spectra Spray. Oh, also, pick up a couple of spray sanitizers. We touch a lot of hard surfaces when we travel. Keep hands clean and healthy.






The Greenland Compact Sling will keep your things – safe and organized. Crossbody, hands-free travel keeps you moving forward and enjoying your time out and about. And, when your bag is made with conservation and the environment in mind, that is all for the better. The antitheft bag has a spot for everything you’ll need throughout the day as you tour the city or while traveling to your destination. 




Plane Aire Wipes

Clear the air onboard enclosed spaces – planes, trains, boats, and automobiles with Hand Sanitizer Wipes. The name may say Plane, but it works on all hard surfaces throughout your journey. 








 When you say, “it’s in the bag,” you truly mean it. These shoe bags ensure you keep the dirt and grime from your clothes. Packing shoes in these bags help protect our clothes, yes, but also our health. Antimicrobial Shoe Covers from Travelon will become your favorite travel gear. Walking the streets or sandy paths during our trips means picking up germs and bacteria that may be unhealthy. 




Aviator USA

Face the cold weather in a lightweight and comfy Merino Wool Hoodie that will keep you dry and warm. This hoodie also adds durability and luxury; it’s the way to travel in style. And by adjusting the hood shape, it can double as a sleep mask.  Yes, this is one you’ll give as a gift and buy one for yourself. 






Doctor Polka

What works best sometimes is having everything in one piece. Your toothbrush and cover in one piece! Yes, to that one! Travel can mean separating and losing things, but this travel toothbrush and cover keeps it all together. And, bring along the whitening toothpaste too. Keep your smile gleaming. 

Two-pack – $11.98



CoolRevolution™ Gear

Sleep cool each night, not only in temperature but style too. The smooth, silky-soft fabric wicks away sweat to keep you dry and comfortable. Made from eco-friendly bamboo these PJ’s are a welcomed solution for women going through perimenopause and menopause. CoolRevolution™ pajamas are made especially to help women sleep better, feel more comfortable and wake feeling refreshed.

There is a design for everyone’s style – sleep pants, capris and nightshirts.  And, they have pockets too!  Annita is wearing a tank top and shorts which is now a favorite and sleepwear.  And perfect for lounging around the house too.
Check their website for a wide selection of styles and prices.




Here’s an everyday bag, the Origins Sustainable Anti-Theft Hip Pack/Sling, perfect for travel and work. The sustainable design reduces our carbon footprint by 45-50 percent by diverting plastic bottles from oceans and waste streams into an Origins bag.

And, you’ll want to keep all your valuables safe with the 4-layer construction that provides a theft barrier. It’s a patented Anti-Theft Security System, easily making it the safest bag you’ll find. Add it along with other Origins bags from Travelon.




Aqua Sonic Vibe

The Ultra Sonic Whitening Toothbrush helps you stay on top of dental care on the road. Proper brushing is always important, and traveling should not stand in the way of good dental care. It’s convenient to pack and carry, recharge and go! Travel with Aqua Sonic to stay on schedule with whitening.





Tenikle 360*

Get ready and prepare to be in the picture with the Bendable Suction Mount. The flexible material lets you angle your phone to get the best photo. Pose with your travel buddies and snap away!  






My Medic

Hit the road prepared for the unexpected with a Medical Kit filled with everything you need, for minor cuts to major injuries. One of the recommendations from Travel With Annita is to always travel with a medical kit or travel pharmacy. Pack everything in – meds and first aid. You’re ready for the unexpected. 

Price varies based on items added to the kit.



Hacienda Del Mar

Give the gift of a luxe getaway to Carbo, Mexico. The Hacienda Del Mar is all about relaxation with style and elegance.  Located on the southern tip of Baja California Sur and along the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, it has everything to make someone very happy with a certificate to visit soon. Their bags will be packed in a minute.  Plan to have fun with Adventures Carbo where all your tour and activities are easily planned.



Outer Banks, North Carolina

It’s one of America’s favorite vacation spots and it is filled with adventure, beaches, delicious food and you’ll find African American history waiting for your to explore and learn more about the things you thought you already knew.  Place a certificate in their stocking to check out the North Carolina shores and you’ll hear “Thank you” for many years to come.








Get all of your attraction tickets in one place. This stocking stuffer will fill their days with activities around their favorite city. With more than 15 cities to choose from, you’re sure to give the gift of travel to their favorite spot.  City Pass makes it so easy to see all the top spots and your tickets are so easy to keep safe and ready to use.





Emerald Cruise

Set sail along the world’s rivers and visit small towns, villages and places the larger cruise ships can’t reach. The gift of travel is never better than giving the gift of a cruise. It’s time to get out on the water and enjoy the food, people and culture that you’ll find along the countryside.


Are you looking for a little more inspiration? Click here for a few additional items.


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