The Obama’s Winter White House

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Located on Kailua Bay, tucked away in a secluded corner of the beach is a holiday getaway the Obama’s love. It is Paradise for sure. It’s the Obama’s Winter White House and Doc Bill and I had a chance to visit.

The beautiful home of Glenn and Debbi Weinberg located at Paradise Point on the Kailua beach is not only beautiful but comfortable and inviting. And, they were the perfect host/hostess for our stay.

With a pool area which doubles as an oasis and a couple of steps to the beach, you are enjoying each day outdoors.  Each of the five bedrooms offers comfort, relaxation and privacy with your ensuite bathroom.

The town of Kailua is not far away or a trip to the North Shore for local culinary delights and to see the big waves.

Here’s a look at our stay with our gracious host and hostess, Glenn and Debbi.

Check out the website for a stay too. You’ll want to visit paradise with a vacation to this beautiful home.



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