Travel Apps and Gear to Keep You Safe and Secure

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Travel Apps and gear to keep you safe and secure

We have travel apps and gear to keep you safe and secure. Travel is all about having fun, relaxing and exploring the destination.  That’s what we plan for and expect on our well-planned vacations.  Yet, the unexpected does happen and many times when things go bad, they go really bad.

The best-laid plans can be just that – the preparation and planning that you have in your pocket – literally.

We have listed a couple of apps and travel gear to keep you safe and feeling secure out on the road, and there is a bonus –  we like them for home use too!

Travel Apps

Companion: Mobile Personal Safety

users– To get started it’s pretty simple. Download the app
– Next, plug in your destination for your excursion with just a few taps
– Select family and/or friends to be your comparisons – They will be your Safety Circle.
– Your safety circle does not have to have the app installed to be your companion along your journey
– A live map will keep everyone alert to your journey as you travel
– Updates will be sent to your companions as you move from point A to point B
– Any change in your step, if you speed up or start running the app notifies your safety circle
– If you do not make it to your destination on time, have your headphones yanked out or your phone falls to the ground your companions are notified.  You companions will be notified to check on you.
-If you do not respond in 15 seconds, the app will automatically alert your companions
– Notify and call the closest police with two taps
– And, if you’re feeling nervous and uncomfortable in the environment, you can pass that along to your companions.
– A great app for several types of travelers:  the solo travelers, women traveling alone, solo excursions (off to dinner alone or self-guided tour alone), hikers, runners, teenagers going on tours alone.
– Great for home too.

It’s free



sidedetail– A running app that lets you map the route you plan to run in seconds and then you can run the route with GPS voice navigation
– Your stats are tracked – your time, pace, distance and elevation, all recorded and stored for you
– Provides a record of your track
– Live Tracking lets friends and family track your runs and races in real time on a mobile device or on desktop
It’s Free – Yay!






Live Health Online app


Gives mobile users an easy way to connect with a live trusted, board-certified doctor online
It’s a video visit using your own mobile device
You can use it anywhere—24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Great for topics such as colds, flu, allergies, upper respiratory infections, urinary tract infections and bronchitis.
Enrolled in LiveHealth Online via the Web
App is free, membership is required




Travel gear

Door Knob Alarm


– Protect your family while vacating in a hotel, B&B or Vacation Rental.  And, it works at home too.
– Very simple to use and easy to pack in your suit case or carry-on
– Fits on the door knob
– Signals with vibration and sounds if anyone opens the door




Picture Keeper

– Easy, no-fuss backup.  Worry less about storing photos.
– Easy to use with just a download of the app
– If your telephone is stolen, lost or damaged while traveling, your photos are safely stored separately from your phone.
– Find yourself in a situation where you want to have a photo recording – take the photo, video, store it and share it later
– Emergency features – Plug the drive into any phone or smart device for instant access to stored contacts and important phone numbers.
– No wifi or internet needed
– Stores photos in one secure place
– Share photos with family & friends



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