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Happy Monday! The holidays are fast approaching. We hope you all have safe travels and fun family adventures. In the meantime, read Annita’s article on traveling with food and enjoy these links from around the web.

Travel Round Up for the week of Nov. 23

  • Antarctica: Photos From the End of the Earth by Maureen O’Hare via CNN
    Get a first look at photographer Alex Bernasconi’s Blue Ice, which showcases the landscape and wildlife of the faraway land of Antarctica. The article includes an interview with Bernasconi, along with plenty of valuable photography tips and tricks.
  • Millennial Tastes Are Changing the Hotel Experience by Nancy Trejos via USA Today
    With more and more millennials entering the workforce and becoming major spenders in the travel industry, hotel chains are responding. This article details noticeable trends of what millennials look for when making reservations.
  • Get Comfortable: These Are the 10 Longest Flights in the World by Kevin Farrell via Road Warrior Voices
    How long are you willing to fly to get to the destination of your dreams? These are the 10 longest flights currently available. Given the news we’ve seen about the future of air travel, it’s interesting to think about how that may affect longer flights too.
  • 20 Places That are Straight Out of Fairy Tales by Caitlin Morton via Conde Nast Traveler
    It’s hard to believe these places are real. Enjoy this gallery of dreamy landscapes, colorful towns, and majestic castles.
  • Jumeirah Inside: 360 Degrees of Luxury via Google and Jumeirah International LLC
    Google has teamed up with Jumeirah Hotels to provide web users with an interactive virtual tour of one of the expensive accommodations in the world. Take advantage of the fun features to learn more about every luxurious detail.
  • Here Are 7 Common Holiday Travel Nightmares, Solved by Sarah Mitroff via CNET
    This article provides one last guide to holiday travel before the madness begins. Being aware of potential problems will help you plan better, and Mitroff also lists helpful apps to prevent these problems from occurring and solve them if they should happen.
  • Peter Pan Boomers by Abe Peck via Travel Weekly
    Along with trends in millennial travel, “mature soft adventure” is growing too. This type of travel is popular among adults and those with disabilities, creating inclusive opportunities. The trend is profiled and explained in this in-depth article.
  • Toggl Infographic Reveals the Ultimate Travel Hacks to Breeze Through the Airport by Chris Kitching via Daily Mail
    Airports are sure to be hectic this season. This infographic showcases potential airport blunders and how to avoid them.
  • 9 Restaurants That Are Almost Harder to Get Into Than Harvard by Daisy Carrington via CNN
    Did you know there is a restaurant that is booked solid until 2025? Perhaps what’s most interesting about this list of restaurants is its diversity. Some locations are tucked away and others are in the middle of busy cities – no matter the location, folks are willing to wait hours in line for their dishes.
  • Airports Could Soon Be Powered By Harnessing the Energy of Footsteps by Kevin Farrell via Road Warrior Voices
    Airports are among the busiest places in the world. With thousands of people passing through each day, valuable energy is going to waste. This article discusses a company that is hoping to make use of that energy.


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