10 Things To “Make Sure” You Are Cruise Ready

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10 things to get you cruise ready

10 Things To Make Sure You Are
Cruise Ready

Here are 10 things to make sure you are cruise ready and set to go. The pandemic may have put a damper on cruising, but the ships are in port and ready to set sail.  Now is your time curate an adventure on the high seas, with your travel buddies.  Before you go here are 10 things to do so you are cruise ready.

Bring motion Sickness – patches, gear or pills
Even if you are a seasoned sailor and you have never had yourself fall pry to sea sickness, it is a good idea to have relive onboard with you. There are several options; wrist bands designed to place pressure on acupuncture points in each wrist. Also called acupressure.   The band has a stud or knob that works to restore balance in your body. The most healthy way for motion sickness relief without pills or drugs. And, the only side effect is a good one.
Purchase a pair for your upcoming cruise – at Blisslets

10 Things To “Make Sure” You Are Cruise Ready

Check for a cruise packing list for your itinerary
Many cruise lines will have a suggested packing list on their website.  This is probably one of the most asked questions about cruising.  From the many TV shows like Love Boat, where cruising is all about dinner with the captain and evening dresses for special events, cruising today is much more casual.  However, depending on the type cruise you are taking, some can have a fancy night or two.  Contact the cruise line and ask. And, this is another question to put on your list for your travel agent.
For general questions about packing here are two websites of travel experts who specialize in cruising. You’ll find a handy list to help with packing.

10 Things To “Make Sure” You Are Cruise Ready

Download your itinerary – Are there any special events onboard?  Be prepared
Print a copy of your itinerary or download it on your phone. It’s handy to have it so you know port arrival and departure times.  If you out and about on an excursion or touring the port on your own, it’s a great idea to be able to double check departure time to make sure you do not miscalculate or mistakenly think it’s a different time.  Ships will leave you in port and it very costly to catch up with a cruise ship at the next port.

10 Things To “Make Sure” You Are Cruise Ready

What shoes, clothes, gear – do you need for excursions
Many times our packing list is all about what’s going on when we are onboard the ship. That’s great to know with dinner, entertainment and shows top of our list, you’ll want to dress to impress sometimes. Do not forget excursion you would like to explore. Some may require hiking or walking shoes where you may need socks or if you have mobility challenges bring along a trekking pole to help with your balance.
Are you planning water sports? If the answer is yes, does the cruise provide equipment or will you need to bring your own. Some people prefer to bring their own goggles and mouth-piece for snorkeling. If you have questions, check with the cruise line or your travel agent. Being prepared for your excursions starts at home.

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Check the weather
The weather report is your best friend. It helps you with packing clothing, preparing for protecting things like your camera and knowing the upcoming weather helps get you in what I call your “weather state of mind.”
Rainy weather might dampen your cruise excursion, but if you know ahead of time the weather is going to be all clouds and no sunshine, you can prepare with games and activities to keep you busy onboard.
Knowing the weather also helps with your clothing and gear packing list.  No surprises with chilly days when you thought the temps would be high.

Go over flights, transfers and embarkation details
There is never too much reviewing documents before you travel. If you have booked your cruise through a travel agent, a quick call to them will ensure everything is on time and make your aware of any changes. Review your documents to make sure you know what time everything will happen.
The first day of a cruise can have a lot of moving parts, make sure you know where you should be and at what time.
Bring along an expandable – packable bag.
One of your best travel gear tips is a foldable, packable bag. They come in all sizes and material, and are usually lightweight and easy to pack. They are great for day trips out and about, for shopping and also for extra packing space when heading home.

Full length side portrait of young woman traveling with suitcase in airport looking at cellphone

Pack in a carry-on bag – All of your documents, meds, swimwear, cover up, water shoes and a quick change of clothes.  When you arrive on the ship your luggage will not be with you. There may be up to over an hour before you receive you luggage in your room.  A change of clothes means you can switch from travel clothes to something more comfortable – which may be your swimsuit for a dip in the pool. It is also recommended by some travel professionals to pack two or three change of clothing in case your suit case doesn’t make it.

Travel Insurance
If you’ve ever thought, “I feel more secure with a travel buddy,” there are no true words when it comes to travel insurance. Cancellations, missed connections, lost luggage, delayed flights, the list can go on.  However, they are covered by travel insurance, your travel buddy for any trip you are planning.  Allianz travel insurance is my travel buddy and they have a cruise insurance plan to take the worry out of your cruise time and let you have all the fun.  Travel pro tip – always include emergency medical plans.  All of the off the ship -back on the ship times could mean a mishap.  Be prepared with a medical plan.  Visit their website – allianztravelinsurance.com


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