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Preparing for winter vacations

Preparing for winter vacations


Winter vacation, sounds like the perfect idea for the whole family to get away and have fun skiing, snowboarding and enjoying cold weather activities that you can only enjoy during that time of the year.  A winter wonderland vacation can come with a few challenges too if you do not plan accordingly.

It is no fun to go on a trip and return with a cold, the flu or aches and pains. Cold weather travel requires a little more planning to keep the forementioned maladies away.   There are a few things to consider when planning a great vacation.

  • Pack to dress in layers so you can adjust depending on how much you exert yourself or if you will be moving indoors and outdoors frequently throughout the day. Controlling your body temperature is key to staying warm and dry.  Layers allow you to warm up or cool off as needed.
Scarves, hats and thermal underwear make great layers for staying warm and allowing you to unwrap too.
  • Your outer layer may differ depending on whether you are traveling to a dry or wet cold climate; down jackets are better in dry climates, and synthetic layers are better in wet climates.  Check out the forecast in advance.  Shop for clothing a couple of weeks ahead and give yourself a chance to try on, walk and stretch in the garments you are taking along on the trip. 
  • Our hearts work harder in cold climates so that even more relaxed outdoor activities can cause a greater strain, pay attention to your body especially if you have any conditions related to your heart, blood pressure elevation or neurological concerns.
When making plans, consider the mobility level of each person traveling with you. Maneuvering slippery stairs may not be the best plan for everyone.
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid drinks that can quicken dehydration. When you are dehydrated, it is harder for your body to maintain the right temperature. Take along a bottle of water during the day when you explore the area and enjoy your excursions. 
  • Sunlight can reflect off the snow and other light surfaces and expose you to UV rays more than you may realize. Wear 30 SPF sunscreen and sunglasses to protect your eyes. 
  • You can cover a lot of ground in staying warm by choosing a good hat. Look for one that covers your ears too. There are also neck warmers you can purchase which work well to keep your body temperature stable. 
  • You can also maintain body heat by choosing a sturdy pair of shoes.  Weatherproof boots will help when moving through the snow, not only with warmth but traction and keep your feet, and ankles stable.
A great pair of snow boots allows you to explore icy areas and have more fun. Purchase a pair which provides more stability when walking.
  • If you are going to be in cold water or spending time in the snow, make sure you have warm clothes and towels nearby so that you can warm up quickly when needed.  Purchase heat packs to place in your shoes.  Your feet will thank you! They work well in gloves too and around your torso too. 
  • Pay attention to the symptoms of hypothermia. The earliest can include confusion and clumsiness. Symptoms also include shivering, feeling tired and eventually your skin may turn blue, pupils expand, and your pulse will slow.
Winter is a wonderland of fun activities for kids. Wrap-up and bundle-up to keep them warm. Remember hands, feet, and heads need to be covered.
  • Fingers and toes are most at risk for frostbite. Make sure to wear warm gloves and dry wool socks. Signs of frostbite include numbness and tingling, or pain and stinging. If you experience these symptoms in your hands and feet, submerge them in warm water.

For more information check out the website that we found useful when researching this article.

CDC  – Center for Disease Control
Independent Traveler
On Call International
Enjoy winter fun on a sleigh ride.
There is winter on the beach too! And, this can be a very good time to walk along the shore, gather driftwood and sea shells. A cup of hot chocolate will help keep you warm.
Plan winter fun for all ages!
Some cities create winter wonderland exhibits, hotels, and bars that you can only find during the winter months. Check them out. Photo: Hotel Glace’ in Quebec, Canada.
Winter offers a wonderful time to explore areas you may not normally consider.

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