Mother’s Day – It’s gift time!

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Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Celebrate the mothers in your life with the gift of travel! Browse through our extensive list of travel-themed gadgets, gear, and clothing. Even if there aren’t any trips currently planned, many of these items are useful in everyday life and wonderful to have around in case a spontaneous adventure comes up.

SWIG Stemless Wine Flutes and Tumblers


Mom can sip her favorite wine in a durable, insulated tumbler from Swig. Perfect for those who enjoy tailgating and the outdoors, this product comes in mug and bottle shapes. It’s sweat-free and vacuum insulated to keep her drinks cold and refreshing.



Fischer and Wieser Specialty Foods


One way to keep the love for travel alive while still at home is to experiment with different recipes from around the world. Try new dishes or spice up mom’s old favorites with Fischer and Wieser’s vast collection of sauces, jellies, and marmalades. Enjoy them as they are or paired with a complimentary dish.



Dry Sleeping Comfort System


Sleep comfortably every night with the Dry Sleeping Comfort System. It can be used at room temperature, heated or cooled. For those who sweat, while they sleep, this product absorbs moisture before mom’s sleep can be interrupted. It recharges during the day and can be folded into a travel case.



Travelon Hanging Toiletry Case


Mom doesn’t have to worry about leaving behind any toiletries during her travels, or taking up counter space in the bathroom, with this hanging toiletry case. Perfect for business travelers and others who frequently take short trips, the travel-case keeps toiletries organized and easy to pack. It includes a hideaway hook that can be taken out to hang the bag on a towel rack or doorknob so that mom can access what she needs without having to unpack the bag.



Go Travel USB Charger


Most moms travel with multiple devices that need to be kept at full battery, simplify it with Go Travel’s USB charger. This product comes with four USB ports so that mom can charge her phone, tablet, laptop and more all at once. She can even take it with her when she travels internationally. It also includes international power adapters, so she’ll always be able to charge her devices.



Travelon Panic Button


It can be intimidating to travel in an unfamiliar place, especially if you are alone. Sometimes in emergencies, there isn’t enough time to call an emergency number or run for help. The Travelon personal panic button can bring a sense of security. It’s small enough to carry in your pocket or attached to a keychain. When you push the button, a sharp tone emits to alert those nearby of an emergency.


Aleon Cases and Luggage

IMG_9757 (1)

For frequent travelers, sometimes the most important thing when it comes to luggage is durability. Aleon’s aluminium luggage line is not only built for the long haul, but it’s also sleek and stylish. All of mom’s belongings will be safely stored and locked with two TSA combination locks. Many of the suitcases are equipped with often travel wheels so that mom can pull them alongside her rather than putting strain on her wrists by pulling them behind.



United By Blue Rain Jacket


Stay dry from the rain and contribute to ocean conservation in the process. United By Blue is an environmentally friendly brand dedicated to protecting the planet’s oceans. For every product sold, United By Blue removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways. Their waterproof jacket is fashionable and is equipped with an inner storm flap, zipper chest pocket and a headphone port.



Tenth Street Hats


Inspire mom to add some flair to her travel wardrobe with a statement hat. It will keep her cool and safe from the sun and turn any tourist picture into a photo shoot. Tenth Street Hats offers hats ranging from fedoras, newsboy, derby and more. There are so many options that it might be best to give mom a gift certificate so she can choose her favorite.


Live, Love, Pop


Popcorn is our favorite road trip snack! Live, Love, Pop offers several low-calorie options in delicious flavors like honey BBQ, lime fresco and sea salt. Get a few options for mom so she can stock up for long car rides with a tasty treat.



Lug Life Puddle Jumper Backpack


One of our favorite brands for durable and stylish luggage, Lug Life’s Puddle Jumper Packable Carry-All transforms based on mom’s needs. Use it as a small clutch or unfold it to use as a shoulder bag. It comes in fun prints in bright colors and is perfect for when she unexpectedly needs to carry more than she planned.



Ice Pops from Cool-It Caddy


Deborah Vinci created the Cool-It Caddy to prevent her makeup and other valuables from overheating or melting while in the desert. These bags are fully insulated with coolant packs that mom can freeze before heading out. They come in vibrant colors and are the perfect size to store in her bag but they also come with a handle so she can easily carry them along.



Travelon Anti-Theft Tailored Backpack


Mom can bring her valuables with her throughout the day without the worry of losing them. Travelon’s Anti-Theft backpack contains a locking main compartment, RFID protected passport and card slots, slash-resistant straps and a tethered key clip with an LED light. The tailored backpack can also carry her iPad or other tablets. It’s always a relief to have your information and valuable possessions on hand while traveling and with the right luggage everyone can rest assured they are protected.



Travelon Boho N/S Crossbody


Complete with the same locking main compartment and RFID protectors, Travelon’s crossbody boho bag is convenient and easy to carry. It comes in five different quilted patterns to match mom’s sense of style, and it can be worn on one shoulder or across the body to lessen the risk of someone snatching it away.



Lug Life Puddle Jumper Packable Carry-All


Lug Life’s Packable Carry-All can transform based on your mom’s needs. It offers convenience, organization and style. Mom can fold it, pack it and use it as needed. It can be worn as a small clutch or unrolled to a shoulder bag. This dynamic Puddle Jumper was featured in Oprah’s Favorite Things List in 2016!



Travelon Lockdown Pouch


Mom doesn’t have to worry about leaving valuable items unattended while having fun in the sun. This Lockdown Pouch is made out of anti-theft fabric. Thieves cannot cut through the SafeTex strap or body material, not even with box-cutters or knives. Its solid brass lock so mom can attach it to something stable and lock it safely. It’s perfect for storing cell phones, keys, small tablets, jewelry and other valuables.



Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle

IMG_9161 4 (1)

This Collapsible Water Bottle is made of tested food-grade silicone and plastic, and it has been 3rd-party certified safe. It’s compact, easy to use and carry since it collapses to 1 1/4 inches. The watertight seal keeps liquids inside with no leaks. It’s taste and odor free. Just pop it in the dishwasher to keep it clean. Lots of color options and a carry case mom can attach to her bag!



Harry Barker Dog Biscuits


Harry Barker is all about connecting pets and people in enjoyable ways to share love and fun!

The brand was started by Ford model Carol Perkins in 1997 while she recovered from a life-threatening illness. She was inspired to bring eco- and green-friendly products for pet owners. There’s a long list of products to choose from comfy beds to fun toys to tasty snacks!

The snacks come in favorite flavors like Country Bacon which no dog can resist.



SafeGo Portable Safe


The SafeGo portable safe is large enough to hold mom’s smartphone, camera, car keys, cash, hotel card key and more. It’s good for taking on the go and also to bring in case there isn’t a safe in the hotel room. There is even a slot for a charger cord to charge devices while stored. It’s 1 1/2 pounds and easy to carry too. The adjustable handle has the lock on one end and is attached to the container on the other end. Shortened or lengthen the cable as needed and to securely connect it to a pole, chair, etc. Secure the lock with a three-digit code or a key. The product is made from materials which are beach friendly and don’t mind sand, water or salt; however, we recommend that it is not submerged it in water.



Demi Hugger

For the mom in a hurry, the Demi Hugger helps gather loose items and attach to her suitcase on the outside; such as a jacket, scarf or a blanket she wants to bring along. It is a strip of soft, stretchable material with a velcro tab that can attach to suitcases, bikes, golf carts and coolers with wheels. Slip it over the handle and secure it with a small velcro tab and it works horizontally or vertically to connect.



Pocket Socks by Zip It Gear


Pocket Socks contain zipper compartment right in a sock where credit cards, hotel room key, cash, and driver’s license are safely tucked away. It’s cushioned for extra softness and strength and has a reinforced heel and toe to handle all the pressure from miles and miles of hiking, running and walking. The double cushion sole helps keep feet dry and comfortable. The socks are made from recycled plastic bottles; reprieve fabric is the result of the recycling process producing a unique, traceable and certified recycled synthetic fiber. Mom can keep her valuables nearby where no one else can easily pickpocket them away.



Showaflops Flip-Flops

Meant to be worn in public showers to protect feet from fungus and bacteria, the Showaflops have a unique design to keep feet clean and fresh. It allows water to flow through the shoes and away from feet. Small drainage holes on the flip-flops will help feet dry faster and keep Athletes Foot away. Showaflops are also slip-resistant and available in fun colors and designs such as a sprinkles pattern! Through their Flop for a Cause program, Showaflops has donated thousands of flip-flops to families affected by Hurricane Harvey. Camp Good Days, an exceptional place for children with cancer is supported with flip-flops to protect them against bacteria and fungus when showering. Many children staying at the camp have compromised immune systems, and Showaflops helps keep them free of potential exposure to germs.



Travelon Compression Socks

For moms who travel often or drive several miles every day, being forced to sit still for long periods of time can lead to uncomfortable aching and swelling and, in some cases, blood clots.

Compression socks can help stimulate blood circulation even when we’re sitting down: gentle compression helps keep the blood flowing and in turn, prevents your legs and feet from swelling and aching. And the great thing about Travelon’s compression knee-high compression socks is that they come in a fun and colorful floral pattern!


And, here’s a link to the show all about the above gift items.

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