Five Ways To Plan Your Vacation

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Five Ways To Plan Your Vacation

Five tips to plan your vacation

Time to plan and go!


Here are five ways to plan your vacation using great resources. January feels like a slow month for most of us. We’re getting back into the routines of our lives and wanting to keep any New Year’s resolutions going strong. 

It’s also a time to start thinking about your upcoming vacation time and where you should go. Here are five resources for finding your next getaway.

5. Family and Friends

Five tips for planning your vacation

Ask family members what made their vacation great or not so great!


One of the best resources for choosing and planning a vacation is the trusted opinions of those who have “been there… done that” and can offer first-hand advice on what to do, where to stay and where to eat. Taking a look at photos can give you a view inside their hotel rooms, around town, and sites you want to place on your must-do list.  

Another advantage of friends and family experiences would be any list of connections they made during their stay. I once shared the name of a transportation company for family members visiting the Virgin Islands. The company is female-owned, safe, and reliable, and most of all, “tried and true” so I felt comfortable recommending it.  The owner was such a fun person to meet, and I knew she would be the perfect option for my family.


4. Online Blog Post

Five tips for planning your vacation

Travel bloggers are on the go, finding great adventures around the world.


Online blogs are operated by travelers and nomads who are out there traveling, going on adventures, and finding the little known places in each destination. Finding something new is usually top of their list, and sharing it is what blogging is all about. Here are several blogs that are great choices to find your next getaway.

And, check out these sites for great videos too –
Mike’s Road Trip  
Ask A Concierge

Don’t forget to visit sites like Hotwire for blog post and daily deals.

3. Travel Publications

Five tips for plan your vacation

Travel magazines offer an unclose look at destinations around the world.


Oh, you can’t beat the beautiful photographs and the in-depth coverage you’ll find with print travel publications like National Geographic, Conde Nest Travelers, Travel and Leisure and AFAR. When I was growing up, the latest National Geographic magazine was always on the coffee table. Turning each page was like opening the door to a new destination, somewhere around the world.  


2. Travel Agents

Five Ways To Plan Your Vacation

Travel agents have great resources from A to Z.                                  Photo credit: Cathy Yeulet


Once upon a time planning your vacation was put in the hands of a trusted travel agent. They knew all the ins and outs of where you were going and could answer all questions. They were the experts of the travel world with skills for customizing your vacation to fit not only your needs but mostly your wants. Well, the good news is, travel agents are still here. No need to refer to them in the past tense. Find a great travel agent and keep them around for all of your travel needs. And, the good thing about working with a travel agent is there are no extra fees. They are compensated by agreements with their vendor partners. And, another bonus is the benefits you receive from their relationships with hotels, tour companies and other great amenities they can pass on to you. How about a bottle of champagne waiting for your arrival to celebrate your anniversary. Or a free spa treatment. They know someone – who knows someone. Take advantage of their knowledge for a vacation planned just for you.


1. Travel Shows

Five Ways To Plan Your Vacation

Travel shows give you access to hundreds of ideas and first-hand opportunities to start planning.


If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop of travel goodies, you’ll find that at travel shows. Not all cities have them, so traveling to a show might be a necessity. But they are worth it.

Travel shows are set-up with travel vendors of all sorts, from hotels to tour companies to airlines and car rentals. You’ll also find vendors selling and advertising travel gear for your upcoming trip. And, tourism boards which can give you the full scope of your dream destination are there waiting and ready to answer all questions and get you connected to the right people.

America’s Favorite Travel Show is coming to cities around the U.S.  It’s the Adventure Travel Show
For example: Atlanta – February 29 – March 1 at the Cobb Galleria Center. All upcoming cities are listed on the website. 

It’s the perfect place to hear top speakers in the travel industry; Peter Greenberg and Samantha Brown are on the list of speakers.  

Travel shows are the perfect place to explore vacation option, discover and talk with over 200+ destinations with face-to-face conversations.  Travel experts from destinations all around the US and international places too are there ready and waiting to chat.

And, the best news – there are so many giveaways! Who knows you may have your next trip waiting for you to arrive.

Start planning and get going!

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