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Free Wifi on Jet Blue

Jet Blue announces free wi-fi

by Alyson Shields

DSC_0229The modern flyer knows that wi-fi can turn “I can’t believe I’m on this flight for 10 hours,” into, “That was a quick 10 hours!”  With more and more companies needing employees to travel far and wide, an airline with wi-fi can solidify the choice for employers. 

Jet Blue, a US airline based in New York, announced last week that they will soon be offering free wi-fi 35,000 feet above ground.  The company has partnered with Excede, and it seems that the internet company has exceeded expectations with wireless internet, with double the speed than their competitors.

Jet Blue is exceeding expectations too. The company plans on keeping the wi-fi as free as possible for their customers.  “We are going to find a way, if we can, of keeping it free for the long term, and we have some ideas of trying to make that happen,” said Robin Hayes, chief commercial office of Jet Blue.

The company is considering multiple ideas to keep it free, such as offering non-streaming internet for free and charging for streaming television and movies, or making it free for frequent flyer members.

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