A Love Letter to Savannah, Georgia

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Author Marjorie, a reading consultant in Atlanta, GA shares why she loves Savannah

Dear Savannah I love you,


Of all the places I have gone, you are of the most beautiful. Just to say your name brings about a feeling of romance, relaxation and peacefulness. Southern charm they say …I say so too. I’m going to give you a list, an accounting, of all the reasons why I love you so much.


You are by far the perfect get-away. If some is looking for a get-away you are certainly the best. You are so welcoming, I’ve come for visits …so many visits I’ve lost count. Your tourist district is full of restful hotels just across the street ….actually just across the street, from the famous River Street, There are so many restaurants, coffee shops, ice cream shops, candy shops and bakeries …..Yum! Yum, it’s all so good.


Savannah I find myself forgetting anything that might be heavy on my mind and wandering aimless, among all the shops, stores and boutiques, finally stopping to rest on a bench to people watch as the big boats blow their horns as they sail up and down the Savannah River.


Savannah, oh Savannah oh how do I love you …..There are so many reasons. Let me continue.


Your parks, the beautiful squares, one after another the perfect place for an evening stroll. You have more than twenty historic parks with park benches for resting under the magnificent mammoth live oak trees with their giant limbs covered in Spanish moss; they line the streets and sidewalks of the parks leaving you feeling as if the city is hugging you and begging you to stay, sit for a while ….and just stay.


Your places to eat, so many places to find good eats as you follow your nose to find all kind of food choices. I must say though that the southern cuisine is some of the best food I have eaten. It brings back memories of my mother’s kitchen where a good meal was always hot and delicious. Oh and don’t let me forget to mention great desserts too!


Savannah, oh Savannah oh how do I love you …..There are so many reasons. I think it just might be your tourist attractions. Places like the

Elegant Mansions in your historic district and Forsyth Park with its ancient oaks and the beautiful white fountain that was a feature in the film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. Or, maybe one might like to visit the Mercer House, or Bonaventure which was also featured in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil. The cemetery is filled with huge and spooky moss covered oaks and Victorian headstones, it’s kind of chilling to be there. All these places plus so many more intriguing places are all the allure of your city Savannah.

Savannah, Savannah, you are like a fairy tale or is it that you are like a dream …from movie setting to down home southern cooking you are my love ….I love you Savannah.

Stay beautiful, I’ll be returning soon

Love, Marjorie

Author:  Marjorie R. is a literacy consultant working with school districts in the Atlanta and South Georgia areas. She has over 30 years experience and has travel to countries in Asia and Europe.


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