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A Conversation With Paul Gauguin Cruises Captain Davor Ljutic

A Conversation With Captain Davor Ljutic

Paul Gauguin

For 13 years as a Pan American World Airways flight attendant and corporate trainer, I traveled spanning the globe many times. Monthly I received my schedule and longed for a trip to the South Pacific. Well, that never happened during my flying career. Yet, that didn’t stop me from continuing my dream and desire to see the turquoise waters and the deep blue Pacific Ocean. I was very fortunate when my long-desired chance came along. I was invited by Paul Gauguin Cruises to sail with them to French Polynesia. Of course, I said yes! As an on-air personality for my radio show, I had one big request. And, it was one that I wasn’t sure would be permitted. I asked if I could interview the Captain and hear the stories of someone who has a job sailing the beautiful waters.

I was granted an interview and delighted to find our Captain to be one of the kindest and warmest people I have encountered during my travels. He even gave me a fabulous book about the areas we sailed to. During our conversation, I asked him lots of questions about the ship, and I ventured over into questions about him too. He is such a fascinating man, I wanted to know more about him. I’d love to share my conversation with the delightful and always smiling, Captain Ljutic. He celebrates his 10th anniversary with Paul Gauguin, and I send congratulations and well-wishes for many more years, making travelers dreams come true.

For more information to sail with Paul Gauguin Cruises visit their website –

Click here for my conversation with Captain Ljutic. And, scroll down for a selection of photos from the Paul Gauguin Cruises gallery.


Conversation with Captain Ljutic

      1. Paul-Gauguin


Photo credit – Paul Gauguin photo album.




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