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Demi Hugger – Basic idea – great function
A single strip of material with velcro makes all the difference in handling your belongings on the road.


There are times when something basic solves a very aggravating challenge.  One hurdle faced when going on a trip is how to handle all the things you are traveling with.  Have you experienced juggling your bag, a coat and your suitcase? Things falling and scattering on the floor as you make your way through the airport or train station.

Now you can bundle all of them together. There’s a new travel gear solution in town, and it’s Demi Hugger bringing a solution to gather all of your things together, securely attaching them to your suitcase.
Slide the Demi Hugger over your luggage handle, secure with the small velcro tab and you’re ready to attach coats, bags and everything else to your suitcase. And… GO!


Demi Hugger is a strip of soft, stretchable material with a velcro tab.  It’s easy to use by wrapping the materials around what you would like to secure, attach the velcro end and you’re ready to go.  Use the Demi Hugger on suitcases, bikes, golf carts and coolers with wheels.  Slip it over the handle and secure it with a small velcro tab and it works horizontally or vertically to connect all of your things  – together and not scattered.  It’s just the solution you need when your hands are full, you’re rushing to your destination, and you don’t have time for juggling!
Your fur baby may block the door when leaving with your Demi Hugger. But, you have a free hand for puppy scratches as you leave on your trip.
Here’s how it works Photo courtsey of Demi Hugger


This is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.  Here’s your answer and while you’re at it, get one for yourself.


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