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Destination: Hotel Protocols During COVID-19 – July 18, 2020

Hotel COVID-19 Protocols

What to expect during your next hotel stay

Hotel COVID-19 Protocols

Hotel COVID-19 Protocols are what we want to know about. Do you have the stay at home blues?  Are you ready to get out and about?  Well, my guest on the show will shares all the latest news and information about hotels and lodging accommodations to help get your ready for any getaways.  What are the new guidelines for operating a hotel property during the pandemic when everyone wants to know how they can stay healthy and safe. And, we all enjoy sampling the buffets…. what going to happen to all the amazing and delicious buffets.  Also the restaurants.  What are the protocols for check- in when you arrive? My guest answers the questions you have.  So get ready to take notes, and make plans; your stay at home blues are about to end.

Hotel COVID-19 ProtocolsTo provide all the latest update, my guest is William “Chip” Rogers. He joined the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA) as President and CEO in January 2019. He previously served as the president and CEO of AAHOA, the largest U.S. hotel owners association, from 2014-2019.

Prior to joining the hospitality industry, Chip had a long career as a public servant. He was elected to the Georgia General Assembly six times, and was unanimously elected to serve two terms as the Senate Majority Leader. He was elected the first national chairman of the Majority Leaders conference and served on the national boards of directors for the State Legislative Leaders Foundation, the Community Leaders of America, and the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Chip earned his undergraduate degree from Georgia Tech and his MBA from Georgia State.

We’re back with more ideas for  your summer playlist and we have road trip games.

Check out the AHLA website for more updates  – American Hotel and Lodging Association 

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