Destination: Multigenerational and Senior Travel Tips

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Multigenerational and Senior Travel Tips

Our getaways are all about having fun, being comfortable, and, most of all, getting ready for things to do that are accessible and convenient for everyone to enjoy. Suppose you are traveling with someone in your family or an aging friend. In that case, you’ll want a few Multigenerational and Senior travel tips to ensure everyone has the best experience possible.

On this show, I shared how planning travel for our aging family member is beneficial, whether it is multigenerational and the whole family is coming along or a new trend called “Gap Travel,” where grandparents are traveling alone with their grandkids. Multigenerational and Gap travel is all about the children in the family having a chance to explore their favorite destinations with older family members. Each is an exciting way to create lifelong memories, especially for younger family members. The fun times will be heartwarming memories throughout their lives.

There are a few considerations to ensure aging travelers get the most from their vacations and do so safely and in a way that is not stressful. After all, we want them to have a well-organized experience.

As we age, we often feel left out of day-to-day activities with family and friends. Everyone is going on about their everyday lives and leaving elderly family & friends home alone. This isolation is not a good thing. And, when you stop and think about it, there is nothing good in leaving family members behind for anyone – young or older.

I asked my friend Shelley Webb to share some tips and ideas for travel as we age. Shelley is an aging specialty, working with women 50+ to help them live healthy, happy lives.

Travel isn’t always about how far you go but about how much fun you want to have with family and friends. While RV and road trips are super fun for everyone, many senior travelers choose them for convenience, ease, and feeling more in control of their getaway. A great source of vacation options is a long list of State and National Parks. And the list is long. There is no need to feel you’re missing out if your trip isn’t to an international destination. Our state parks offer a wide variety of opportunities for multigenerational travel. Three generations having fun sounds like a great getaway close by home and filled with activities. Kim Hatcher from Georgia State Parks has excellent ideas for your next State Park getaway and shares them on the show.

Our National Parks are the crown jewels of our nation. They show the beauty of our county, and we get to explore and experience it all in a natural, pristine way. I talked with Allyson Johnson with National Geographic about visiting the parks and which parks are best for seniors.

For more information:  Visit the website below for:

National Parks information
Georgia State Parks Information
Shelley Webb’s information and tips for aging

Cruising is a great option for senior travel – River Cruising with Emerald is an excellent option.  Click the link to learn more.


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