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Destination: Quarter Miles Travel Goes To Arizona – April 11, 2020

Quarter Miles Travel – The Arizona State Quarter

While we wait for the COVID-19 pandemic to clear and it is safe to venture out again, we seek to find things to keep us busy, entertained and most of all upbeat, and positive.  That can be difficult when the whole world is working hard to keep communities safe and healthy.

A little mental health break is what we need and travel has always been our go to for getting away from it all.  But… no travel right now.  Let’s take an adventure from home!  Quarter Miles Travel is perfect for that.  We look for little known facts about our country, one state quarter at a time.

On our next show we are bringing back one of our beloved series, the Quarter Miles Travel series, where we look on the back of a quarter to see what diagram each state decided best described their state, as part of the U.S. Mint State Quarter Program.

Arizona state quarter
Marjorie Magnusson

On our next show, we discover the little known stories about Arizona.  Featured on their quarter is the Grand Canyon and the Saguaro cactus.  Join us on Saturday, April 11th to hear all the details shared by our very special guest, Marjorie Magnusson, Media Relations Manager with the Arizona Office of Tourism.



For more information –  visit the website –

National Park Service website

Here’s the show – take a listen:

Arizona State Quarter

Arizona state quarter Quarter Miles travel quarter miles travel

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