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Quarter Miles Travel
Comes to Travel With Annita

Quarter Miles Travel is all about exploring the U.S.A. based on the design on the back of the U.S. Mint State and Commemorative Quarters programs.  Each quarter design holds stories about the people, places, wildlife, plants and music; all things that make each state special.

Quarters in the programs have designs chosen by each state to represent what is special and unique.  After all the programs are really about pride; pride in each state and pride in the U.S.A.  Each quarter shows what makes American an exceptional place to explore.  From National Parks to historic sites to wildlife and human interest stories.

On this show I play clips from four episodes of Quarter Miles Travel.  The Missouri quarter which features the Gateway Arch the symbol of westward migration.  This episode has stories from two men who helped build the arch, a man who grew up in St. Louis and saw it built and a woman who moved to St. Louis, loved it so much and could not leave.

The Wright Bros story is on the back of the North Carolina quarter.  We know their story, but this episode tells the story of the man who took the photo that would prove first flight really happened.

The Tuskegee Airmen quarter is part of the America the Beautiful commemorative quarters program.  The story of the airmen is told by Tuskegee Airmen and also the story of one airmen told by her daughter.

The Virginia quarter features the first three ships of the Virginia Company of London’s exploration to what would become the Virginia Settlement.  What was it like to sail across the Atlantic and arrive in an unfamiliar land.

These four clips will inspire you to check out the full story.

Here are the links to the four episodes –


Episode 10 Missouri Quarter – Gateway Arch



 Episode 1 North Carolina Quarter – The Wright Brothers



Episode 9 – America the Beautiful – The Tuskegee Airmen 



Episode 11 – Virginia Quarter – The Susan Constant, Godspeed and Discovery Ships


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