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Destination – The Children’s Museum – Mission Jurassic – April 10, 2021

The Children’s Museum Indianapolis
with Dr. Phil Manning
We explore the Jurassic Mile


If you are a fan of Jurassic Park or love to hear about scientist finding fossils and bones from thousands of years ago, you’re in for a real treat with this show.  Dr. Phil Manning along with other scientist, shares their journey to enlighten and enhance our knowledge of the Jurassic era.The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has plans for a $27.5 million project to support a paleontological excavation of a fossil-rich plot of land in northern Wyoming. Led by Dr. Phil Manning and Dr. Victoria Egerton, the project will bring together scientists from around the world to explore this rare confluence of Jurassic Period fossil bones, trackways and fossilized plants.  The excitement around this project is the promise to tell a more complete story about the Jurassic Period than has ever been told. The Mission Jurassic exhibit will be available for all to see starting in Spring 2021.  Mission Jurassic promises to be an exciting experience for all ages.  The love of dinosaurs reaches all ages.  Come one and come all to spectacular exhibit sure to be a giant experience for you and your family in 2022.

Grab a chair and lean in for a great conversation.  Dr. Manning will share all the details of how what they find in fossils and bones tells us about the dinosaurs, plants and also people.
Listen to the show and my conversation with Dr. Manning
Here’s more of my conversation  with Dr. Manning and his thoughts about our responsibility to our children and his thoughts about the environment.
      1. TWA The Children's Museum Indianapolis - Dr. Manning EXTRA - 4:14:21, 2.55 PM


To plan a trip to The Children’s Museum Indianapolis –

Here are photos of Dr. Manning at the Jurassic Mile





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