Doc Bill’s BBQ Chicken – North Georgia style!

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Fourth of July BBQ doesn’t always have to be ribs and burgers.  Chicken makes an excellent choice for celebrating our nation’s birthday.  Here’s my recipe for juicy, flavorful and simple BBQ chicken.

Here’s Doc Bill’s BBQ Chicken


Four fresh cloves of garlic.


Finely dice the garlic.


Two green onions – washed.


Finely chopped onions.


Mix onions and garlic in a sauce pan with a table spoon of Canola oil. Simmer over low heat.

DSC_1863 - Version 2

Add two cups of crushed tomatoes to the pot.


Simmer ingredients for five minutes.


Add North Georgia sorghum – 1/3 of a cup


Add a half teaspoon of Scotch Bonnet


Add a tablespoon of mustard to the sauce. I prefer coarse ground for texture and more flavor.


Add chopped cilantro to taste


Add to sauce near end of cooking.

Time to prepare the chicken


I used a whole roaster for this BBQ outing.


Use a knife with a serrated blade to cut and prepare the chicken.


Cut chicken down the center to cut in half.


You will expose internal parts of the chicken. Remove them and place to the side. I save them to prepare treats for my dogs. They love chicken surprises!


Wash and pat dry the cut chicken. Place it on a plate while you prepare the seasonings.


Season with salt, pepper and garlic to taste.


Mix the three (salt, pepper and garlic) to create a rub for the chicken.


Rub the mixture evenly on both sides of the chicken

DSC_2573 - Version 2

Place on grill skin up. Flip over after 30 mins. Check that it is cooked thoroughly. Chicken should be white and tender throughout. Add sauce mixture near the end of cooking. Sauce added to soon can cause burning.

Final results – Doc Bill’s BBQ Chicken


Cut into your preferred serving sizes. This one is cut into quarters.


Serve with your favorite sides. I prepared baked beans with bacon. The garden salad with peaches from Jaemore Farms is served with a cherry balsamic vinaigrette. The cherry balsamic vinegar is from a trip to Oregon. I love culinary travel. Trying new dishes when on the road and I enjoy purchasing local ingredients to bring home and prepare recipes at home. It feels like bringing a little bit of the destination home with me. The Cherry vinegar is made from local cherries which are grown in the Bend, Oregon area. Local cherries were yummy fresh while there and now I can enjoy them made into a vinegar.




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