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Episode 12 – Two Bits Quarter Trivia – Washington Crossing the Delaware


Washington Crossing the delaware
United States Mint Image


Washington Crossing the Delaware
Two Bits Quarter Trivia

Washington Crossing the Delaware.  It’s Quarter trivia. Did you know that the quarter is also called Two Bits?  Well, that’s based on the division of the Spanish peso…. A bit back in time when money was actual split to pay and receive the appropriate amount. And, two bits would be a quarter or fourth of a peso.  Quarters are still sometimes called Two Bits. There’s a lot of history in coins… and trivia too.

How much do you know about Washington and the Continental Army crossing to Trenton, New Jersey?  It was a monumental and strategic attack which turned the war in favor of America.

Episode 12 is a short list of quarter trivia featuring the Commemorative Quarter – General Washington Crossing The Delaware.  It’s a quick listen to get you ready for the New Jersey State Quarter which will feature many more details of Washington’s crossing.

But, here’s a quick listen. Learn a little more about things you already know.

For more information on Washington Crossing the Delaware

Visit the websites – and

Ready for a road trip to explore more about President George Washington and also learn more about the Revolutionary War.  Visit Mount Vernon, Virginia, George Washington’s home.  And the American Revolution museum in Yorktown.
Learn more about the Revolutionary War and the museum in Yorktown on a previous Travel With Annita show about the American Revolution Museum – And, don’t forget to click the subscribe button to get updates on more Quarter Miles Travel episodes.

Little info about the quarter:
Minted and issued in 2021
Reverse design – General George Washington Crossing the Delaware River.
Obverse design –

Washington Crossing the Delaware
United States Mint Image

In accordance with the authorizing legislation, the obverse of the quarter will revert to renowned designer John Flanagan’s design featuring President Washington that appeared on the coin before the State Quarters Program.



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