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Episode 20 – Two Bits – Iowa State Quarter

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Iowa State Quarter
Two Bits of Trivia

Iowa State Quarter with Two Bits of information.  Did you know that the quarter is also called two bits?  Well, that’s based on the division of the Spanish peso. Quarters are still sometimes called two bits.  You will find that there is a lot of history in coins and trivia too. Quarter Miles Travel loves to find trivia, little known information and human interest stories based on the reverse side of the quarter.

Quarter Miles was first introduced on my radio show Travel With Annita; along with Olivia Varnson we shared information about the state quarter in the last segment of the show which we always called our 4th quarter.  Pulling in a little sport jargon and always wanting to get the word quarter mentioned.  We produced several shows featuring information about the quarter, including when each quarter was issued, the artist and how travelers can have an adventure when visiting the state.  You’ll see why we say when you check your pockets or your sofa cushions you may just find a quarter waiting for you to explore things you may not know or even things you think you know, and we help you find so much more.

The Iowa quarter which was first produced and issued in 2004 is featured in episode 20 of Quarter Miles Travel.  For the Iowa quarter, the design replaces the eagle on the reverse side of the quarter with the diagram of a one-room schoolhouse with a teacher and students planting a tree.  The inscriptions reads “Foundation in Eduction” and “Grand Wood.”  The design is based on a painting by artist Grant Wood who was born near Anamosa, Iowa.

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For more information on the U.S. Mint State and Commemorative quarters Vist U.S.Mint. gov

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Reach in your pocket and pull out and quarter… flip it over and quarter miles travel will take it from there.  We’ll turn that quarter into an adventure.  


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