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Episode 8 – Louisiana State Quarter – Whitney Plantation – the story continues

Whitney Plantation

Louisiana and the Louisiana Purchase continues to bring interesting stories of families, sugar plantations and the enslaved people who helped build the wealth the region was known for. Our story continues with moving over to Whitney Plantation, another sugar plantation location along the Mississippi River with hundreds of other plantations.  However, the story presented at Whitney plantation tells the story of many slaves who were children, working the sugarcane fields bringing wealth to the region and grand attempts of slaves who sought to gain their freedom.  On Whitney Plantation there were Creole people following the traditions and customs of the French and followed by the U.S. traditions once the area was purchased during the Louisiana purchase.

On this week’s episode we continue with the story of the slaves who worked on the plantation and also look deeper to understand the rules and laws which dictated the norms of  day-to-day life for the slaves and plantation life.  We hear how the Code Noir (The Black Code) was introduced and restricted the freedom of the slaves even more than they experienced before.  There were now laws, which controlled the movement, engagement and family life on the plantation.

One well known feature on the plantation is the collection of sculptures by Woodrow Nash.


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