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Doc Bill is known for his love of food. But he also has a love for  farming, fishing, studying the history of food and cooking.  And dining at various restaurants is a big part of how he experiences culture and destinations he visits.

On this page Doc Bill shares recipes, new food finds and great meals at awesome restaurants.  Come along on the journey and you’ll be inspired to try a new dish or head out to experience culinary delights in many cities around the world.

Doc Bill has been cooking and creating great recipes for over 30 years.  He has written two cookbooks – Gourmet Southern Appalachian, The Foods of Georgia’s Barrier Islands (Co-authored with Cornelia Bailey and Yvonne Grovner) and editor of Cherokee Cooking From the Mountains & Gardens to the Table (authors Nancy and Tony Plemmons). His cookbook – Gourmet Southern Appalachian Cooking has become a favorite of chefs eager to explore the abundance of wild and flavorful ingredients growing in the Appalachian foothills of North Georgia.  And, the Cherokee cookbook highlights not only recipes but Indian lore with great stories of day-to-day life and culture of the proud Cherokee people.  This book too has become highly sought after by chefs seeking to learn more about the ingredients used in Native American cooking.

Doc Bill is a regular co-host on Travel Bags With Annita and a guest host on Home Grown with Kelly and Gene.

Check in with us for update and tons of great photos – he also loves photography!

photo 1

Co-authored with Cornelia Bailey and Yvonne Grovner


Doc Bill working on his organic Georgia Grown farm, Georgia Coastal Gourmet Farm. Co-owner Jerome Dixon and Doc Bill are part of the agricultural projects on Sapelo and they grow various vegetables, and participate in a community garden program.


Doc Bill being interviewed for the Garden and Gun magazine article about the Sapelo Island agricultural projects he is involved in – Geechee Red Peas and Purple Ribbon Sugar Cane.



Doc Bill on the mic – Travel Bags With Annita one Saturday.


Doc Bill also loves astronomy and science. Here he visits the telescope on Manua Kea.


Doc Bill and Jack checking out an old barn at Sapleo Island’s Chocolate Plantation.


Doc Bill (left) and Jerome Dixon (right) win 2nd place in the Jekyll Island Professional Division of Jekyll Island Shrimp and Grits Festival


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