Gulf Shores and Orange Beach – Labor Day or Any Day

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Gulf Shores Orange Beach
Labor Day  –  Everyday
Keep On Summering with Family Fun


Gulf Shores Orange Beach is good for Labor Day – Everyday. For many of us, it may feel like summer has already come to a close. But there are still ways to keep on summering. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach invite you to give yourself a second summer. Here’s how you can make the fun of summertime last even longer at Alabama’s hidden coastal gems.

Gulf Shores- Orange Beach - Labor Day Everyday

Fun times at The Wharf with a lots of options for family adventures.


Start your adventure at The Wharf. You’ll find a plethora of adventures and events all in one place. You can shop, see a movie, ride one of the South’s largest Ferris wheel, play mini golf and even fly on a zipline. Throughout the year, The Wharf also hosts a light show and a boat show.  While you’re there save room for a little Gulf Coast cuisine.  With delicious seafood all around, there is no shortage of great dining options.  From fine dining to casual family style restaurants there is something to hit the spot for family lunch or dinner.

While kid fun is top of the list on family vacations, there is always a way to squeeze in some down time for a little “adulting”.  The Wharf is a great place for a spa treatment or maybe a new hair style. After a bit of pampering you’re ready to join the family fun again.  The Wharf offers condo rentals and hotels too, it is never a bad idea to stay in the middle of all the fun!


Gulf Shores- Orange Beach - Labor Day Everyday

After a round of golf continue the fun with a little miniature golf with the family.


Enjoy the outdoors with a round of golf. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach is home to a number of championship golf courses. One popular spot is Peninsula Golf and Racquet Club where you’ll find the perfect combination of a great championship golf course and hospitality you’ll only find in the south.  The golfers in your group will find golfing on this course a very special experience. The 27-hole golf course was designed by Earl Stone, and provides an enjoyable experience for everyone, from the champion golfer to the beginner.

For a treat after golfing, enjoy delicious meals to order or a beverage at the clubhouse bar all in a relaxing atmosphere.  And, for the non-golfers, there are eight tennis courts, indoor and outdoor swimming pools and a fitness center.  The whole family can spend the day enjoying the beautiful facilities.

For the golf enthusiast there is no need to stop with one course. Try several other courses in the area.  Kiva Dunes Golf which is on everyone’s list of favorite courses and understandably so;  the course has received awards from Golf Digest, Golf Week and others.  Another favorite,  Craft Farms Golf is a spectacular 36-hole course designed by Arnold Palmer. Why not switch-it-up over your stay and experience all the area has to offer.  Each course is too amazing to pass up, you will want to play them all.  

Of course, one of the best ways to keep on summering is to get in the water. With easy access to coastal waters and calm intercoastal waterways, there’s something for everyone. You can rent a boat for the day, scuba dive the largest artificial reef program in the country to see exotic fish and explore shipwrecks or kayak and paddle board the calm waters. Parasailing, jet skiing and surfing are also popular activities. No matter how you enjoy the water, always remember water safety and even during the second summer, sun protection continues to be important.  Fun in the sun is best when you add water.  Grab your towels and hit the shores.


Gulf Shores- Orange Beach - Labor Day Everyday

Parasailing is great for all ages.


Other options for enjoying the outdoors are fishing and biking. Extensive fishing guides are available at where you can learn about the best spots to find different species and keep up on what’s in season. You can rent your own boat and take it out on the water, or join a fishing excursion. One of the best places for biking is Gulf State Park. The park encompasses 6,000 acres of protected and unique ecosystems.


Gulf Shores- Orange Beach - Labor Day Everyday

Fresh oysters on the half-shell are a local favorite. And, that’s a good thing. Local oyster farms provide the delicious fresh oysters to restaurants on a regular schedule.


Home to an annual oyster cook-off, Gulf Shores is an ideal food destination with plenty of local talent and restaurants. A visit to the area to for the festival should be top of the list for all oyster lovers.  The assortment and variety of oysters makes the festive the perfect place to try oysters in every way possible.  Local chefs prepare their creative recipes and the crowd loves it.  This year the Annual Oyster Cook-Off and Craft Beer Weekend will be held Nov. 2nd & 3rd.  And, for $10 per person you can enjoy a weekend dedicated to the local gem of the sea – oysters. Oh, yes, there is beer too.  

I’ve heard there are people who do not like oysters and Gulf Shores has so much more to add to the culinary list.  There’s so much to choose from that has compiled food trails for a number of styles. These trails include beach burger stops, a crab trail, craft beer trail, fresh fish trail, sweet treats trail and many more! You’re sure to find culinary treats for everyone. Here is a great opportunity to share with children the various seafood available in the area and how to enjoy it.


Gulf Shores- Orange Beach - Labor Day Everyday

Yummy seafood boil from Steamers.


One favorite restaurant for fresh seafood is Bahama Bob’s Beach Side Cafe. It’s a cozy lunch spot with specialty dishes like breaded gator tails and gumbo. Steamers is another casual spot for great seafood and with the laid back atmosphere the family can relax and take a break from all the second summer fun.  Tacky Jack’s is another unique restaurant that serves interesting dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. At the Original Oyster House, award-winning dishes are served in a family-friendly environment. You can take your pick of your favorite seafood to build your own platter. Gulf Shores also has a taco trail. A popular destination on the list is Chronic Tacos Mexican Grill. The recipes at Chronic Tacos date back three generations, so you know their dishes are authentic too.


Gulf Shores- Orange Beach - Labor Day Everyday

Choose a condo on the water. A marina nearby creates an easy way to start and end the day on the water.


Pick the perfect accommodation for you and your group. Beach houses, condos, hotels and bed & breakfasts are all options. If you’re looking for some privacy and more space to settle in, many beach houses offer fully-equipped kitchens, private pools and a walking distance from the beach. Condos in the area also offer amenities such as tennis courts and golf course access. One of the most popular hotels in the area is Perdido Beach Resort. It’s an ideal location for those who love to fish and spend time near the water because it’s where the Gulf of Mexico meets the intracoastal waterways.


Gulf Shores- Orange Beach - Labor Day everyday

Second summer time in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.


It’s been said that summer is a state of mind. Even as the weather changes, summer can always be found if you know where to look. Gulf Shores and Orange Beach offer a well-rounded experience so you can keep on summering no matter the season.

Family fun is on overload with upcoming events.  Here’s a list to start making plans and heading out for a second summer.

September 10th & 11th – Football Theme Week at Moxie at the Wharf
September 13th – Food and wine come together for the Wharf Uncorked Food & Wine Festival
For a long list of fun, delicious and educational events coming up, visit the Gulf Shores and Orange Beach website.  There you will find more information on things to do, places to stay and tasty local food.

Want to hear about all the fun?  Listen to the recent Travel Bags With Annita & Friends radio show featuring Gulf Shores and Orange Beach.  Click this link to listen.

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Want to take a peep into vacation fun when visiting Gulf Shores and Orange Beach? Take a look at this video below.

After listening to the show, reading the blog and watching the video, I think you’ll agree, it’s time to load up the car and keep on summering with the family.

Happy travels!


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