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How to be a great host to visiting pets

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Here are great tips to help answer – How to be a great host to visiting pets

It seems more and more people travel with their pets these days.  Statistics have shown 39% of travelers will bring their pet with them when traveling.  This may require you to be host and hostess to the cute little miniature poodle or the big husky. Either way you extended the invitation for your family or friends to bring their pet along during the holidays, so now it’s time to plan and make it comfortable for everyone.
According to Tripit, a travel planning app and website, 77% of their customers stated concern for their pets when determining, if, when and where they will travel. For many, if their beloved pet can not come along on the journey, they will postpone the trip. And, if you want Aunt Agnes to come for holiday dinner with her dynamite pumpkin pie, you’ll need to make an allowance for her sweet little kitty.

Here are a couple of tips:

1. Make your home pet friendly. Ask your guests about any pet habits you need to be aware of. (Chewing, jumping up on counters or bolting out the door when opened.) Make adjustments and plans to accommodate these behaviors. They will not change just because you don’t allow it.
2. Check with next door neighbors and let them know you will have a pet visiting during the holidays. While you have no obligation to share everything going on in your home with neighbors, it’s a courtesy to let them know a pet will be out and about in your yard.  And, you’ll really appreciate their help if the visiting pet gets lost or runs out of your yard.
3. Set up an area just for the pet to sleep and play. Ask your family member to bring along their doggie/cat bed with familiarities like smells and comfort. Select a special place just for them to snuggle in and feel at home.
4. Do not allow table/people food to be shared with the dog. There are so many foods which are not appropriate.
5. If you are not familiar with food which are toxic to pets, its a good idea to make a list – others in the family may not be aware of them either. During holiday dinners it is very easy to share a bite with the dog patiently waiting under the table. We have a list of food “no – no’s” on – The Humane Society website.
6. If you have a pet, consider a plan of action in case it becomes necessary to separate the pets during the visit.
7. It’s ok for you to have some ground rules too: No pets on the bed or furniture, no jumping on counters or maybe your neighborhood requires leashes; whatever your rules, let your guests know ahead of time and don’t be shy about the pooper scooper!
8. Gather the telephone numbers and addresses of a nearby vet and emergency vet service. It is probably a good idea to locate nearby shelters, just in case the pet gets out and lost, you can move quickly to notify shelters in the area. If there is a medical emergency, you will want to respond fast.  Having a plan works much better than trying to find important information during an emergency.
9. Prepare your car for any trips including the pet. Cover seats and be ready for any clean up afterwards.
10. Practice patience! It’s best to keep your cool. If you’re not a pet person, you’ll quickly see how beloved, special and important the pet is to your love one. And, if you are a pet lover and owner, jump in and make everyone – people and pets, feel welcomed in your home.

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