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I Travel Because with Doc Bill

I Travel Because with Doc Bill

IMG_5169I Travel Because  Doc Bill! We asked him how do you finish the statement “I travel because!” Travel Bags With Annita joined Allianz Travel Insurance with their “I Travel Because” series to hear all the stories of why we travel.  We are asking some of our listeners to share why they love to travel and their favorite destinations around the world.

We asked Doc Bill,  to complete the sentence I travel because. His answer is based on his expertise and interest in food culture and heritage crops. As a farmer and producer of the heritage Purple Ribbon Sugar Cane syrup his love of learning about crops and plants worldwide inspires him to travel.  His answers show there are many reasons to travel.  On his adventures he finds opportunities to visit farms, meet farmers and share stories of heritage plants. His love of food also takes him on explorations we may not usually think of – like fish auctions. And, you’ll hear when he talks about his visit to the Honolulu fish auction how it is fascinating and a definite must for any itinerary to Oahu.

When we asked Doc Bill to name his favorite destination and why he loves it so much.  Here’s what he said:  “Without thinking twice, I can tell you it is the Hawaiian Island – Oahu!  The year round ability to grow so many plants and fruits makes it a very interesting place to visit.  And, the area has the most and best fresh seafood anywhere.  I love going to enjoy the cuisine.  And, I love photography, photographing scenery and especially food. ”

Doc Bill shares the projects and research he is involved with on his farm in South East Georgia. He mentions that farmers love to hear about what other farmers are doing around the world.  “It’s an immediate connector and we want to hear what they are doing, what works, what doesn’t work, how they are solving challenges and how they are harvesting.  Food so often ties into the culture and why certain foods are known as traditional in the area.  Traveling gives you a chance to see and eat those foods in the areas where they are known as traditional, but also you can learn more about how the foods reached the area and have become so popular.  You can read it in a book, but seeing farmers and in person at their farms , you can’t beat that!”

Take a look at the photos of Doc Bill’s travels to his favorite places and you’ll see his love of culture and food shine through.

And, listen to Doc Bill’s conversation and hear him share “I travel because _____!”

I Travel Because Doc Bill
Doc Bill with Mike from Mike’s Hula Hula Chicken and Kalua Pig on the North Shore of Oahu.


I Travel Because Doc Bill
Exploring a submarine and remembering stories from his father’s days working on a sub.


I Travel Because Doc Bill
Photography is a favorite hobby when traveling.


I Travel Because Doc Bill
Doc Bill loves to visit farms when traveling. A visit to Frankie’s farm on the Island of Oahu gives him a chance to learn about fruit grown on the island.


I Travel Because Doc Bill
Doc Bill with food historian David Shields, Chef Linton Hopkins (Restaurant Eugene) and co-owner of his farm (Georgia Coastal Gourmet Farms) Jerome Dixon


I Travel because Doc Bill
Doc Bill and his farm partner, Jerome Dixon with the start of growing heritage Purple Ribbon Sugarcane.


I Travel Because Doc Bill
Doc Bill takes his love of culture, food, history and traditions to partner with other food experts creating the Georgia Regional Cuisine.


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