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I Travel Because With Nadeen White

I Travel Because With
Nadeen White

I travel because Nadeen White

I travel because Nadeen White.  And, how would you complete this sentence, “I travel because _____?” It’s a statement that brings a smile and a warm fuzzy feeling to most people. It is the perfect chance to think of the trips throughout our lives that have made a difference in who we are today. And, for many of us, we can go back to our visit first adventure or a visit to the city zoo or maybe a cultural festival that inspires our interest in learning more about faraway places.

On Travel Bags With Annita & Friends, we have asked several of our friends to complete the statement and share their travel stories. We are amazed at how different the stories are, how varied the early memories are, and the influence travel has on our lives.

When we asked guest Nadeen White, owner of The Sophisticated Life Blog, to share her travel stories, it was immediately clear her sense of adventure is a family matter. Her mother’s love of travel inspired her to become a global explorer and created a love of traditional wines and cuisine. But, when you hear her story, she has been traveling since birth.

Nadeen shares her travel stories, some of her best tips and favorite places to explore. I love her description of trips vs. vacations; I think you will too. Take notes on her favorite spots for food and wine to help plan your next vacation.

I travel because Nadeen WhiteI Travel Because Nadeen WhiteNadeen is also an author. She shares her travel guides, check them out here.

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