Labor Day Staycation Ideas

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Labor Day Staycation Ideas
Make Home Your Destination

Labor Day Staycation ideas are the perfect way to make home your destinations of family fun. If you’re ready to avoid all the travel confusion, delays, cancellations, and crowds, say yes to creating holiday enjoyment at home.

Here are 10 ideas to bring holiday fun home.

Go camping – Set up camp in the backyard.

No need to make reservations at a camping site when your backyard can bring all the fun. 

Here’s your list of things to make it happen:

  • Purchase or rent a tent
  • grab a blanket 
  • sleeping bags
  • Lantern for light
  • Story books – what’s your favorite theme: spooky, funny
  • Picnic food – choose washable plastic plates and cutlery 

Take a hike around the world

What’s perfect for a Labor Day Staycation – travel! Well, not literally, but with the game Trekking the World by Underdog Games. Grab your backpack, and let’s go see the world. An adventure with every move, explore the world’s most beautiful places, collect the best souvenirs, and virtually check off your bucket list destinations. For the world travelers, share your memories of places you’ve visited and for the areas on your wish list, here’s the perfect way to play now, plan soon and go later. When you’re ready to get back out and about, Trekking the World will have you saying – Ready, Set, Go! And it’s only $50.

Sprinkles for everyone

 Get everyone suited up with their favorite swimwear, turn on the sprinklers and channel our inner child. Bring the pets, and everyone can cool off before or after the BBQ. Bring out the camera too. You’ll want to capture all of the fun. 

Shop ’til you drop

Plan a girlfriend’s shopping day. The sales will be calling your name and Labor Day is a good day to answer the call with your girls. It’s the perfect time to stock up on all your favorite things. Add time for a long lunch filled with laughs and long-overdue chats. Do a little research first to find the stores and restaurants that will be open. Put on your walking shoes and hit the shops. 

Bike it or hike it

Get out and get active! Will it be biking or hiking? Either one is a chance to stretch your legs and get moving. Take along the family or have a couples outing. No bikes? No problem, bike rentals are available in major cities. Check out the areas near you offering hiking and biking trails. Going hiking? Make it a scavenger hunt for an extra adventurous family experience. Create prizes for the winner and an awards celebration when you return home. A little trophy or certificate with their name and a special cupcake for all the participants.

Movie night under the stars

Labor Day staycation ideas

Nothing says relaxing summertime joy and family gathering like movie time. Bring out the cozy seating and snuggle on the lawn with floor cushions, blankets, or outdoor rugs to cover the ground. Don’t forget the lawn chairs for movie-goers wanting a less up & down option. It’s a homemade movie setting. You’ll need a projector and laptop to show the movie on a screen or use a big sheet. No projector – do a little research to find one to rent. Select a movie about a favorite country to add a bit of travel-worthy excitement to the evening. Make the setting festive with string lights, handmade posters, and snacks. Bring out the popcorn, peanuts, milk duds, and beverages. It’s a holiday celebration under the stars, so make it festive with picnic foods easy to prepare. After all, it’s Labor Day, so no hard work on this one. 

Bring on the hunger Games

Labor Day staycation ideas

Don’t let the name fool ya! This one is all about a cooking competition. Invite guests to a Labor Day Cookout with a friendly Side-Dish competition. Create categories – Best Mac and Cheese, Best Potato Salad, Best Baked Beans and enter Vegan and Veggie options too. All side dishes are numbered, and a score card is used to tally favorites. The winner for each side dish category gets a trophy. Encourage the younger family members to help with adding the scores. You can find prizes at your local party store. Make it extra fun with decorations, signs, music, and fun props. The host provides hamburgers, hot dogs, and other non-meat options.  

Make the hours happy

Labor Day staycation ideas

Remember Happy Hour? It was usually around the time of day we needed a little extra something-something to wrap up our work day. Well, nothing is better than a favorite drink of the day to make everyone happy on Labor Day. Something fruity, chilled, and colorful always catches a thirsty appetite. A recipe that is easy to pull together and can be served with or without alcohol is the name of the game. By the way, this cool drink needs a name. Get creative – Office Break Margaritas, Day-off Cooler, Peachy Team Fizz, Afterwork Tonic, Slow Work Fizz, Bad Boss Ginger Cooler, Work Day Sangria, Work Day Screwdriver, Ol’ Work Buddy, Time Clock Punch, and the list can go on and on.  Need a little help? Check out this list of tasty drinks. 

I scream you scream for ice cream

Labor Day staycation ideas

Nothing makes summer memories like homemade ice cream. There are several places selling ice cream makers. Invest in one for this holiday, and it will become your new best kitchen gadget. Get the kids involved in making their favorite flavors; add fruit, chocolate, various flavors, and even a little spice. The ice cream world can come alive in your backyard. Decorate the area like an Ol’ Diner with red and white streamers, ol’ fashion Sunday dishes, Banana split cups, long teaspoons, and lots of whipped cream, sprinkles, nuts, and dried fruit toppings. Grab your camera to capture all the ice cream smeared faces that will still bring laughs in years to come. 

Picnic bonanza

Labor Day staycation ideas

There is no better way to celebrate the end of a great summer than with a lawn picnic, fireworks in the background, and your family smiling through it all. The joy of a picnic never gets old and this year, make it a grand event with a themed picnic, including invitations. Head over to your local party store and load up on decorations and party favors that say “festive” and “oh, wow!” If your backyard has a view of the local fireworks, all the better. If not, purchase sparklers and display them around the tables and yard. You can always add your own fireworks in areas where they are allowed.  

Make this an exceptional event. Call it a family and friends reunion. We’re all ready for together-time to wash away the years apart.

Labor Day is all about putting work on the back burner. It’s about fun with family and friends. These activities can be as work-intensive or labor free as you’d like. 

This year it’s all a labor of love! Share the love with these Labor Day Staycation ideas.

Check out this article for ideas to stay within your travel budget. Great tips for staycations too.


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