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Montréal is a city offering many exciting dining options that highlight a blend of cultures and traditions from around the world. One place that celebrates how food and drink can bring us together is Chez Lavigne. Opened by Eric Bernard and Catherine Tremblay in March 2016, the restaurant promises to put food in the spotlight, inviting visitors to take in the craft and artistry of the food we all love.

Chez Lavigne is described as a contemporary/modern French market-style restaurant with an Asian influence on many dishes as well. They proudly source from several local suppliers, highlighting the diverse cultures and farmers, fishers and producers in the region.

On the menu you will find bread and pasta including dumplings and squid ink pasta; vegetable options such as edamame, broccolini, squash, and eggplant; a fish and seafood menu with oysters, calamari, cod and salmon; and a meat menu with options ranging from chicken liver mousse, bone marrow, and quail. Most items on the menu are small dishes and under $20. As for the wine menu, the list includes sparkling wines, white, red, rosé, and orange.

The restaurant offers a casual and cozy atmosphere located in an old garage style building with concrete floors and a round bar in the center of the room. Visitors to the restaurant have commended the knowledgeable staff for their advice on wine pairings and willingness to discuss the inner workings of their menu. It’s a place where people are encouraged to think deeply about food and where it comes from, what makes it great, and to ask questions and strike a conversation to further develop their culinary expertise.

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Delicious salad.


Fresh local oysters.


Very special salmon dish.

IMG_4083 (1)

My favorite dish of the evening. Quail which will be on the menu for Fall and Winter.


Great wine pairing at the restaurant and some of the wines are very rare.



Another tasty dish at Chez Lavigne

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    Yummy lookin’ blog! We’re trying to get in touch with Doc Bill regarding [Cherokee Cooking from the Mountains and Gardens to the Table]. Could you connect us? Our phone number here at City Lights Bookstore (Sylva, NC) is 828-586-9499. Thanks! Chris


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