Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2023

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas 2023

Mother’s Day Gift ideas for everyday. It’s Mother’s Day in a few weeks and it is our  perfect time to celebrate and honor the women in our lives who have supported us, given us guidance, love, and the “ok” to be ourselves. Maybe your mother, grandmother, aunt, or good friend deserves special attention on Mother’s Day.  However, these gift items are good gifts anytime of the year for any reason. 

Here’s a list of gifts to make mom feel special and ready to hit the road for a road trip, camping or relaxing with her favorite people. The Travel With Annita crew would recommend glamping. Now that’s a way to say Happy Mother’s Day.  


Fashion Fair Cosmetics  

Beauty and pampering is a way to glamorize any getaway, road trip, luxury vacation, or glamping. Fashion Fair, the iconic beauty brand in 1960, 70s, and 80s, is back with some of the lipstick colors we always loved and new colors too. Perfect for a pop of color on a casual day – Mom may be relaxed, but her lips say glamour. 

Choose your favorite color for



Protect yourself and your friends and family traveling with you. There are several products, all with health and wellness in mind – from sleep aid sprays to vitamins you can select a spray to keep your ready for the day.  A quick, easy way to protect yourself is with one of SpectraSpray’s protection in a compact tube. Help moms protect their Immune system with vitamins with a tube that fits in their pocket. She’ll also find it perfect for protecting the little ones too.  The perfect gift for anyone traveling with wellness top of the list.
Single spray – starting $19.95
Lifestyle spray kits – various prices starting $14.95




Moms ready to hit the road with snacks on hand will grab tasty jerky made with wild-fed beef. Minus the chemicals and high-on taste, three flavors, Peppered Beef, Spicy Beef, and Original Beef, will satisfy cravings and become a favorite anytime snack. Discover the tantalizing tastes of Cambodian cuisine with YaYjerky!  Beef jerky like none other. Get all three flavors for more to share.

$14 per package


Laka 30 Cooler

Off to a concert in the park, a picnic with the family, or a long-awaited road trip, you’ll want all of your favorite beverages and nibbles to come along with you. The Laka Cooler’s insulated protection keeps foods and drinks cold for hours. The wheels mean Mom can easily roll up to the fun in style. Laka Coolers come in a variety of fun, cool colors to show your stylish side. Voted best mid-size cooler by Travel and Leisure.




RE’ ME. DI. UM Candle

Refresh the space around you with one of the lovely scents from RE’ ME. DI. UM. The eco-friendly candles designed for long lasting burning with wood wicks.  The soothing crackling sound when they are lit helps create a relaxing atmosphere along with the fragrance of your choice.  Give the Lychee and Coconut a try to create an atmosphere to destress and relax.



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