Must-Have Travel Gear: Compression Socks from Travel On

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Combining comfort, safety and style, Travel On’s Compression Socks are an ideal travel accessory for flights that take up most of your day, road trips in crowded cars and any other journey that may lead to you sitting still for long periods of time.

While airborne illnesses and germ-covered surfaces are more obvious health concerns when traveling, another risk to keep in mind is what can happen when the blood flow in your legs slows down and stagnates. This can lead to uncomfortable aching and swelling and, in some cases, blood clots. Often times when traveling, sitting still for a long time is unavoidable. It isn’t always convenient or possible to stretch and move around.

Luckily compression socks can help stimulate blood circulation even when we’re sitting down. The gentle compression helps keep the blood flowing and in turn, prevents your legs and feet from swelling and aching. Travel On’s knee high compression socks provide a long-lasting, comforting effect. You’ll feel more at ease during your long journey and less stiff and sluggish when you can finally get out of the car or step off the plane.

For those of us who like our socks with a little bit of flair, Travel On’s got you covered there too. As you can see these knee high compression socks come in a fun and colorful floral pattern, a nice little pick-me-up during a long day of travel. They also come in a gray argyle pattern, a sand color and in black.

What I like most about these socks, aside from the bright colors of the design, is that you can constantly feel the compression working its magic. It’s a gentle but reassuring embrace that doesn’t fade over time. For someone like me, discomfort in the feet and legs can quickly lead to lower back pain and beyond. It’s a relief to know that the side effects of sitting in a stiff chair for however many hours necessary won’t hurt the rest of my body quite as much because the socks prevent swelling and tightness from happening in the first place.

Travel On’s knee high compressions socks are available for $18. To learn more about their products, visit

Get a pair for someone who travels a lot and a pair for yourself!


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