Episode 2 – Quarter Miles Travel – Georgia, Peaches, Fruitland Vodka and the Berckmans Family

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Quarter Miles Travel
Georgia, Peaches, Fruitland Vodka and the Berckmans Family
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Georgia, peaches, Fruitland and Berckmans – how do they connect? Each state quarter tells a story of something unique about that state. Most designs on the back of a quarter are pretty easy to determine what it’s all about.  And, Georgia is not too much different.  The state is known as “The Peach State!”

However, we asked the question,  “How often do we stop to ask the question why”?  Or, “Where did the name Peach State originate and why was Georgia given that name.”  Especially when there are states nearby and far away, who also grow great peaches.

For this Quarter Miles Travel episode we found Gerogia has a very fruitful history and a peachy connection to a renown sporting event. Enough with the puns, take a listen to the podcast and hear all about a Belgian family who helped create the Peach State and also helped build the grounds of one of the most well known sporting events in the world.  You’ll learn about a Belgian family who not only loved gardening, but sharing that knowledge with others and helping horticulture become an important part of Georgia history. They created several varieties of peaches and those varieties are still enjoyed today.  Our guest on the show Yuri Kato, shares her research and love for peaches and how that lead her to want to know more than what’s readily available about Georgia’s infamous name – The Peach State.  Listen as she shares her journey as an immigrant coming to the U.S. and making it home; just as the Berckmans family did many years before.

Here’s the link below.  Listen and let us know what you think.  Share your favorite variety of peach and if you have a favorite peach recipe.  Maybe for peach cobbler, a peach daiquiri or a special recipe that is your speciality. Share it with us.

For more information on things to see and do in Augusta, visit their website:


For more information on Fruitland Vodka visit their website:





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  1. Karen Elliott

    So interesting! As a Georgia native and annual patron of The Masters, I found the history fascinating. Great discussion!


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